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Published on : 25 March 2019, 02:54 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star


A radio operator`s heroics on March 25 black night in 1971

ROHINGYA RELOCATION TO BHASAN CHAR: UN draws up plans to `facilitate` move

Third phase too sees low turnout, anomalies

Sporadic violence during polls in a number of upazilas

Don`t let them be a lost generation

The Rohingya youth urge int`l community to ensure better future for refugee children

Rice output to rise, USDA forecasts

Bangladesh’s rice production is expected to increase 7 percent year-on-year to 3.49 crore tonnes in the 12 months to April thanks to higher acreage and yields during the aus and aman season, said the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Private banks sweating out over deposits

Deposit growth falls despite high interest


IS shorn of their territory

Defeat their distorted ideology

111 draft recommendations of Road Safety Committee!

Missing the forest for the trees


Can we ever go beyond `committees` and `recommendations`?

Nahela Nowshin

Nowhere in the world has the issue of road safety led to the kinds of repercussions we have seen in Bangladesh. How often do you see students from all walks of life taking to the streets to bring discipline to the roads?

Social media and Indian national elections

Pallab Bhattacharya

The drawing up of a “Voluntary Code of Ethics” by social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and ShareChat and their intermediaries for the coming parliamentary elections in India is a landmark decision in more ways than one. The Code was submitted to the Election Commission on March 21, a day after an interaction between the social media platforms and the Internet and Mobile Association of India.

Remembering the barbarities of Operation Searchlight

Taqbir Huda

On the fateful night of March 25, 1971, the Pakistani army officially launched its campaign of genocide in erstwhile East Pakistan, by unleashing death squads that mercilessly killed 7,000 unarmed, innocent Bengalis in one single night.

Dhaka Tribune

Genocide Day: Hundreds of mass graves lie unmarked or have been constructed over

Among the places in Dhaka, only a handful of them including the one in Rayer Bazar, Mirpur Intellectuals’ Graveyard, Jallad Khana, Jagannath Hall, and Rajarbagh Police Line have been protected as a historical site.

Security beefed up in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone

Police say the initiative aims to ensure the safety of people, ahead of Independence Day

What ICT has achieved in 9 years

ICT is currently holding the trial of 33 cases; 23 appeals await disposal at the Supreme Court

What is behind the rising chaos in Rohingya camps?

The current situation is leaving the host community more frustrated than ever in Cox’s Bazar


Remembering our darkest day

It was on this day, 48 years ago, that the worst, ugliest side of humanity came out.


Trade union: Employee right to form and operate

Taslim Ahammad

Helping maintain the relationship between the company’s goal, employer, and employees.

Are we the next Syria?

 Mazher Mir

We need to prepare ourselves for the consequences of the Rohingya crisis

The audacity of safety

SN Rasul

Do the road safety protests have anything to say about class and education? 

Prothom Alo

What type of doctors being created?

Private medical education

Shishir Morol

Recognition of genocide is being emphasized

Rahid Ejaj


Cheap labor-based economy

How durable will this growth be?

Water logging in Chattogram

Coordinated efforts of service organizations needed


25th March gives us reminder about our responsibility

Mofidul Haque

March 25 reminds us of our past, it also reminds us of our responsibility.

Abrar`s life worth 3 lacs?

Mizanur Rahman Khan

We may have to hear the instructions for compensation of three lac taka to Abrar`s family. Although the High Court has ordered the bus company to pay 10 lac to Abrar`s family within seven days.

Girl students blew the whistle first

Ali Emam Majumder

DUCSU gave the message that the country`s highest education institute is not favorable for the polls. Again, it also gives the message that if the voters want, they can make it easy.

Kaler Kantho

Biman has no sign of profit with a huge amount of loan 

Masud Rumi

E-passport to be introduced from July 1

Fees may be doubled

Omar Faruque


That scandalous day of genocide

Confirm the trial of the heinous crimes

Killing on the road does not stop

Take action against the killer drivers


Letter from Delhi

Who is the alternative leader? Where is the Grand Alliance?

Jayanta Ghosal

Many political analysts however said that alliances in such a regional group are good in a country like India. This kind of coalition actually strengthens India`s democracy.

Terrorist attacks on Christchurch and Islamophobia

Dr. Mainul Khan

New Zealand`s terrorist incident is an example of the reaction of some groups. But it is not very logical to drag all white communities into it. Likewise, some groups of Muslims are involved in terrorist activities, but it will not be right to drag Islam in all cases.

Pakistan has to apologize

Major General Mohammad Ali Shikder (Ret.)

The Pakistan army has massacred in Bangladesh in 1971, and there is plenty of evidence. Pakistan Army killed 30 lac civilians in just 8 months and 22 days. According to the records of human civilization, in such a short time, such a terrible genocide has never happened anywhere in the world.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Audacious drivers-helpers can’t be harnessed

The bus and mini-bus drivers and helpers are often seen behaving rudely and irresponsibly. To tell the truth, they are literally forced to do so as they have to earn more than are supposed to. The extra money will be paid to different persons and places so that they can drive the next day without any hassle.

Tagore`s Nagor river now a dead canal

Rabindranath Tagore was fascinated by the natural beauty around the river Nagor and wrote many illustrious writings. However, this river is dead now and has turned into a dead canal.

Want justice for Wasim’s killing

This time, the shocking death of Sylhet Agricultural University student Wasim Afnan has created a stir in Sylhet as the protesters demand punishment for the driver and helper of the bus that killed him.


Genocide Day

A day for expressing hatred towards the Pakistani oppressors

Metro rail services to start this year

The metro rail services will play a significant role in resolving the traffic congestion of the city.

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