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Published on : 23 March 2019, 02:58 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

No fitness docs, yet running

70,000 vehicles have not renewed fitness certificates for 10 years; BRTA to cancel registration if not renewed by May.

Tortured in Libya

Traffickers held hostage a group of Bangladeshi fortune seekers in Benghazi, forced families at home to pay ransom.

91 arrested in anti-drug raid

Rab says detainees involved in drug trade at Geneva Camp

Mosque Attack Victims: Silence, prayers as NZ mourns

PM Ardern joins thousands outside Al Noor mosque, receives Twitter threat message: `You are the next`


Drug cases flounder for lack of witness

Police witnesses the main defaulters

Halda River pollution getting worse

Authorities silent on effluent dumping


From Breivik to Brenton to #HelloBrother

Nizamuddin Ahmed

Terrorists kill without discrimination. Their tactics differentiate them from freedom fighters.

Alliance-building for Indian polls gains pace

Pallab Bhattacharya

BJP ahead, opposition flounders

Who will pull us out of the climate change conundrum?

Quamrul Haider

Every year since 1995, our leaders or their representatives met at the so-called Conference of Parties, debating climate change, global warming in particular. Over time, the conferences` goal has become what is politically possible, not what is environmentally desirable.

Venezuela`s Dutch disease syndrome

Mahmood Hasan

The political and economic situation of Venezuela has been dominating world media for quite some time now. What happened to this petro-state with the largest oil reserve in the world? The country is afflicted with total economic mismanagement, hyperinflation, corruption, soaring hunger, disease, crime, massive emigration and above all political instability due to authoritarian style of government.

Dhaka Tribune

A cereal killer on the prowl

Bangladesh rolls out contingency plan, UN holds emergency meeting of affected Asian countries to fight the pest.

Anti-drug campaign: Raid conducted in Mohammadpur, over 100 held

RAB Media Wing Director Mufti Mahmud Khan confirmed the matter on Friday

Legunas return, ‘chanda’ increases

Some have alleged that leguna owners have secured permission from the authorities concerned – to re-launch services in Dhaka – by paying more extortion money, known as chanda


Meeting our economic goals

Japan has long been one of Bangladesh’s strongest allies

Water is the most precious resource

We need to take better care of our water supply


The unipolar world is long dead

Esam Sohail

Who has the upper hand in the global struggle for liberal democracy?

Are Bangladeshis unhappy?

Ekram Kabir

Why are we so stressed and miserable?

The narrative of intolerance

Abrar Tohid

Is Western media Islamophobic?

Prothom Alo

Half of the drivers do not have license

Rowdiness in roads: None of the key elements of security –road, transport and driver—are free from some any fault. Therefore, the authorities have failed repeatedly to harness the degree of road accidents.

A week since Christchurch attack: Unprecedented exemplar of compassion and solidarity

About 20,000 from different religions gathered near Al Noor mosque to observe the Muslim call to prayer. To express their solidarity and respect the religion of Islam, the women attended the gathering wearing veils. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and thousands of others congregated in leafy Hagley Park opposite the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch to observe the call to prayer at 1:30 p.m. She said, ‘New Zealand mourns with you. We are one.’


Creative efforts must be increased

Success in agriculture of the southern part of the country.

Teacher’s cruel act unacceptable

Teacher striped female students in Jhenaidah

Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh changing from the core

New industrial factories are being built, foreign investment is coming and contribution to GDP is increasing day by day.

Last 10 years brought unprecedented success

I won’t say that Khaleda Zia did not make any development of the country. She also contributed to the country’s development. But in the past 10 years, the country has achieved unprecedented success and it is Awami League which brought this success. If we say more specifically, we must agree that it happened because of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She does nothing for herself. Whatever she does, she does it for the country, says former finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith.


Fitness less vehicles

Lack of sense of responsibility is the reason why this is happening in the country.

For how long Bangladesh will carry this Rohingya burden

Exempt Bangladesh from this burden

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