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Published on : 22 March 2019, 02:46 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

Farmland turns WASTELAND

Industrial pollution, Chittagong Development Authority to blame

No retreat

Students fear their demands won’t be met if they leave street

Running without route permit!

Suprobhat Paribahan bus involved in Tuesday`s accident was not allowed to ply city roads

Big industries killing Halda

Govt probe finds; Ctg DoE sits idle for nearly 2yrs

Rohingya Fund Use: INGO Forum welcomes probe

The INGO Forum Bangladesh said it would welcome any investigation into the allegations that NGOs and aid agencies spent only a quarter of the funds they received for the Rohingya crisis.

From farms to slums, Indian women on sharp end of jobs crisis

A few years ago, in this sweltering corner of western India, the horizon was dotted with hunched, barefoot women swinging sickles all day to cut wheat for the spring harvest. Now, a giant green harvester clears an entire half-acre field within minutes, allowing farmers to save money and quickly sell the wheat, typically used to make Indian flat breads.


Wash, rinse, repeat

Road accidents, words of assurance and inaction

Forest land gobbled up by development projects

A contradiction to SDG 15


Monsters on the loose

Shah Tazrian Ashrafi

I still remember one morning in 2006 when we escaped death by an inch, as one of those popular “city” buses struck the rickshaw I was in with my mother and sibling. Had it rolled its wheels a little more, I wouldn`t have been able to write an op-ed piece today.

Brexit and Britain`s endless turmoil

Ziaus Shams Chowdhury

As UK struggles with the complex process of how to end its membership in European Union, with the exit date of March 31 just a few days away, the nation is being torn apart by mindboggling uncertainties. For a nation with a historic reputation of common sense and pragmatism, it is an unbelievable crisis.

2019 is a `crucial year` for China`s economy

Abdullah Shibli

According to Premier Li Keqiang, 2019 is a “crucial year” for China. One reason for that possibly is the preparations currently afoot to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People`s Republic on October 1. More importantly, China has been struggling to accelerate economic growth, boost employment, and revitalise its “Made in China 2025” initiative.

​​Dhaka Tribune

How the Rangamati attack on polls convoy unfolded

Kamrul Hasan, Nuruchsafa Manik, Bijoy Dhar, and Anwar Hussain

Noakhali gang rape: Prime accused Ruhul Amin gets bail

Mizanur Rahamn

`We failed to bring about road discipline, cannot deny responsibility`

Arifur Rahman Rabbi


Nurturing young minds

Research has consistently shown that traditional exams are not capable of measuring intelligence


Building a strong foundation

What else can we do to improve child education?

Jakir Hossan

Children experience the traditional approach to learning, which offers no holistic development.

The right kind of democracy

Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar

Everybody runs for the position, as a result, jealousy, corruption and vengeance grow.

Politics in the temple

Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury

Yet, till the late 1980s, the Rama temple-Babri mosque issue wasn`t a major one in Indian politics. But all that changed when the BJP made it a major political agenda.

Prothom Alo

60 government officials` freedom fighter certificates have been canceled

Rozina Islam


Why is rape not stopping?

Remove vulnerabilities of law enforcement

Irregularities in excavating Ratla canal

Take action against the people involved


May the ground close to heart of Bangladesh become world class

Anisul Hoque

Honorable Prime Minister, I am trying to get your attention in the month of independence. Suhrawardy Udyan is close to our heart. It is a symbol of our pride. As a symbol, we want to keep this ground world-class.

Thanks to the Prime Minister

Primary education

Munir Hasan

Primary schools in Bangladesh are likely to be an exception in the world, where teachers expect that the children will spend a lot of time in the home work and learn everything at home.

Kaler Kantho

`Shuprovat was operating without root permit for 18 years

Newly colored Samrat disappears from the scene 

Sharif Ahmed Shamim


May order be established on road

Take an extreme step to eliminate anarchy

No exam till third grade

Let the primary education be joyful


White terrorism and its instigators must be brought under law

Gaziul Hasan Khan

Conscious people around the world are gradually becoming vocal against white terrorism. The government and common people of different countries of the world are protesting against terrorism. Their protest is now developing as resistance against all terrorism.

We need nature-friendly water management

Bidhan Chandra Das

We should be careful not to pollute natural water bodies in our activities.

When will the procession of death end?

Md. Touhid Hossain

One of our ministers is the leader of the transport workers in the country. In the past, when such an incident happened, he sided with the transport workers, and in almost all cases, no action was taken against them.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Still reckless vehicles

9 killed in road accidents including a student from Khulna and a teacher from Mirpur, cases filed against 6000 vehicles in the capital, human chain in Pragati Sarani, road blockade in Sirajganj.

Brushfire killing in Rangamati hills

7 including Presiding Officer and an Awami League leader were killed in brushfire in Rangamati.

Steps to protect paper industry

Banker`s meeting decision was not implemented in 9 months


Gas price hike proposal

It must be harnessed under a tolerant level

Unrest in hills

Take the initiative to counter terrorism


Useless zebra crossing

Nobody abides by the law

World Water Day todayDrinking water running out

2.5 cr people in the crisis are in crisis


Let’s stand beside those who lost husbands in tiger attack

Lives of the widows who have lost their husbands in the tiger attack are full of sufferings. Sometimes they have been termed as ‘husband killer’.

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