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Published on : 19 March 2019, 03:13 PM
Today in newspapers

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The Daily Star

Mahbub for reform of polls process

The election commissioner says one-sided polls erode voters` interest

Terror attacks by non-Muslims get less media coverage

Says US report

Fight Against Terror: Hasina, Trudeau for joint action

Talk over phone for 20 minutes


Turkish-origin gunman kills 3

Five injured in apparent terror attack; 37-yr-old suspect held

Combo deal for Dhaka dwellers

ISP to launch high-speed internet, IPTV, VoD, IP telephony in one cable from Pahela Baishakh

Stocks in freefall

Suffer from a lack of confidence

Inequality dampens economic success

Govt report finds


A promising initiative

Make proof of fitness certificate mandatory at filling stations

A cushy scheme for loan defaulters

Reconsider loan scheduling proposal


`Hatred` is the new terror

Mahfuz Anam

The attack on Twin Towers by Al Qaeda launched the so-called “war on terror”. The massacre of 50 innocent worshippers in Christchurch should now trigger a global “war on hatred”. If the jihadists needed to be reined in, and correctly so, the white supremacists need to be stopped with equal vigour and urgency.

Can Bangladesh provide quality education to its children?

AKM Kamaluddin

The inequities that deny children their right to quality education from early childhood through adolescence can trap young people in low-skilled, poorly paid, insecure employment, among other things, which holds back economic growth and fuels inequality. Changing demographics underscore the importance of all children, especially those who have been excluded. Bangladesh, as a country on its way to achieving the middle-income economy status, cannot afford to ignore that.

Dhaka`s urban politics, Haussmann, and related thoughts

Adnan Zillur Morshed

After the tragic Chawkbazar inferno in Old Dhaka, I have been thinking about what it would take to bring some urban sanity to a complex megacity like Dhaka. I find myself constantly thinking of Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, not because of his controversial “remaking” of 19th-century Paris, but because of how relevant the divisive debate that began in the wake of his remaking of the French capital could be for Dhaka`s current urban scenario.

How do we improve maternal health of garment workers?

Hasanat Alamgir

The influx of millions of female workers to work at the garment factories has created unique health challenges, issues and needs that have mostly remained unstudied and unaddressed.

Dhaka Tribune

Seven, including two polling officials, shot dead in Rangamati

Bijoy Dhar, NuruchsafaManik, Anwar Hussain, Syed Samiul Basher Anik.


Clearing the air

Air pollution is nothing short of a public health hazard


How are your minorities doing?

Qazi Mustabeen Noor

When it comes to communalism and hate, we don’t have to look very far...

It shocks us when a white terrorist puts up a manifesto with all the hate in the world condensed into 73 pages.

Empowering women in marriages

Maliha Ahmed

It’s time to reform marriage and inheritance laws

According to contract theory, we would see an increase in women’s household bargaining power and control over household resources if the wife also has access to an effective threat of exit ...

Will Nur be co-opted by the state?

Anupam Debashis Roy

Or will he remain critical of the ruling government?

However, this is the same Nur who was brutally beaten by the same ruling party cadres during the height of the quota reform movement.

Prothom Alo

6 including polling officials killed in brushfire

BRTC buses are not allowed to run from the depot

Pranab Kumar Debnath


Maruf Zaman`s come back

Where was he for so long?


Why all these grudges, why all this disguise?

Syed Abul Maksud

The progressive west will have to unveil its disguise.

Childhood in jeopardy under examination pressure

Nishat Sultana

The children growing up with false competition mentality and mental stress, and with life-time impact.

Birth of new leadership

Anu Muhammad

Young students in Bangladesh have different types of activities.

Kaler Kantho

Brushfire after polling, 7 killed

Rohingya camps are a habitation of terrorism

Tofail Ahmed and Zakaria Alfaz


New levels of terrorism

Effective prevention should be taken worldwide

Example of brutality has been established

Be active in suppressing social crime


This snake will bite shaman one day

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

Euro-US fascism is emerging capitalizing Islamophobia

Inter-religious contacts need to be increased to combat terrorism

Rev. Martin Adhikari

Inter-religious dialogue is a known issue in all the societies and countries of the world today.

Agricultural processing industries needed in the southern part of the country

Dr. M Sahiduzzaman


E-filing: Govt officials show reluctance in digital files

The Government of Bangladesh has aimed to build a digital Bangladesh & e-filing system is a vital tool for it as this system ensures faster movement of files through the different layers in government offices, increased transparency throughout the organization, and increased accountability in governance. However, government officials are reluctant to use this e-filing system for some reason.

Fast track project not progressing properly

Padma Rail Link project spends 3% of the allocation in the past eight months. A meeting will be held on March 21 with the project managers.

Upazila election: No notable response from voters in the second phase of upazila election


Gold smuggling case

Focus on the main culprits

Treasure stolen of impoverished

Let the scepter become active

Bangladesh Pratidin

Bloodshed in upazila elections

7 died including an election official during, 16 injured, 12 in critical situation

Low voter turnout in voting centers

Seats won: AL 59, rebel and independent 32 and JP 2

Technology changing type of crime

In the past ten years, the type of crime has changed with the increase in technology use. Now, crimes like murder, kidnapping, robbery or hijacking do not take place like before. Therefore, the police have also decided to bring changes in its system to prevent cybercrimes.


Evil activities of Rohingyas

Ensure strict surveillance

Farcical stage cleaning drive

Punish the culprits of wrongdoing