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Published on : 14 March 2019, 02:50 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

Rohingya Repatriation: Doubt lingers as conflict flares up in Myanmar

Porimol Palma


Bank scams happen when regulator sleeps

ACC chief`s remarks on the mark

Forests are no one`s property to destroy at will

Save Manpura Island from mindless deforestation


Caught between `crossfire` and `self-defence`

Brig Gen Shahedul Anam Khan ndc, psc (Retd)

Disorder must be tackled. Many of the drug dealers are armed too and the security forces are well within their rights to deal with such situations as deemed necessary and to ensure their own protection.

The unique case of Sultan Mansur`s parliamentary membership

The Speaker of the parliament holds constitutional authority to refer the matter to EC

Mohammad Golam Sarwar and Emraan Azad

As the experience of the aforesaid case suggests, the fate of Sultan Mansur`s parliamentary membership now depends upon the ruling of the Speaker of the parliament who can only refer the case to the EC for a decision.

All women and girls must be able to build the future they want

Md Emamul Hoque

It is therefore important for communities, schools, the government and the civil society to help improve children`s overall well-being and performance in school by reducing violence against women and girls....

Dhaka Tribune

Why have 4 major gas companies

Proposed same price hike rates?

Mehedi Al Amin

Processions, hunger strike continue for second day at DU

Afrose Jahan Chaity and Fahim Reza Shovon


Time to explore newer avenues for gas

What the government should be focusing on is renewable sources of energy


A gross lack of transparency?

The DUCSU elections have brought more gloom than hope to students of Dhaka University

Nahaly Nafisa Khan and Shihab Hasan Neyon

At this point, no protest could bring about the change that all of us want

Theocracy and business sense

Is the Vatican just a business like any other?

Mahmudur Rahman

Those of the papal robe usually take an oath of celibacy, as do nuns. What happens to those who violate those oaths?

The troubled rebirth of DUCSU

A premier player of Bangladesh has been resuscitated in erratic fashion

Syed Badrul Ahsan

Prothom Alo

Churihatta fire broke out from chemicals

Home Ministry investigation report

Rozina Islam


Control rice market

Break some `big businessmen`s syndicate`

Khulna city corporation

Give assurance to remove waterlogging


Need to emphasize on different options

Ali Imam Majumder

The Western world is commending Bangladesh`s humanitarian activities, and are giving practical support.

When the number of rivers in the country will be known

Tuhin Wadud

Letting people know about the real number of rivers is the government`s big responsibility.

Who won in the war and conflict?

Ajay Shukla

It seems that India will not launch any more air strikes in Pakistan`s territory. The firing between the two sides was also stopped at the Kashmir border.

Kaler Kantho

VP Nur to collaborate with BCL

Influential leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League have said that the newly election VP Nur will collaborate with them. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also positive about Nur when she heard about his past involvement with BCL.

Adulteration of animal food and medicine

Locally produced medicines and foods for animals are sold with the differnt foreign companies` labels.


Private practice of doctors

Let the prime minister direction be implemented

Money laundering of ten garment factories

Those who assisted in this crime, let them face trials.  

Bangladesh Pratidin

Ultimatum given for new election

Nur and the students undergoing hunger strike in two spots of the campus have demanded to accept their demands and hold the election by March 31. However, the DU Vice-Chancellor said that the sworn-in ceremony will be held following the rules.

What’s happening in BNP?

Only grassroots leaders are punished.

Govt’s free medicines sold in black market

Khulna administration has taken this issue into consideration.


Farmers suffering from court cases

Let this crime be stopped

Abuse of bonded facilities

Bring the guilty to severe punishment

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