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Dissatisfaction and division in BNP over expulsion

Published on : 14 March 2019, 01:49 PM
Dissatisfaction and division in BNP over expulsion

BNP has expelled 128 vital grassroots leaders for disobeying the party’s decision. As a result, the party’s grassroots leadership is becoming bereft, believe a number of senior BNP leaders.

Those who have been driven out from the party are popular leaders in their respective area. So, the organization is becoming weak in those areas.

A source confirmed that this has created a strong dissatisfaction and division among the BNP leaders and workers.  

But the BNP leaders, who were involved with illegal activities, betrayed the party at different times, sided with the reformists and deceived BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, no actions have ever been taken against them.

Several top BNP leaders believe the decision to expel the BNP leader who participated in the upazila election sent a wrong message to the BNP leaders. Because of this, the grassroots, as well as the whole party, are suffering.

This decision from BNP may someday leave BNP in a crisis of leadership. Therefore, a large section of the party has expressed concern about the existing problem. They have urged to stop this practice immediately.

The grassroots leaders have raised a question- when the senior leaders do something wrong, why have no actions been taken against them? But when the grassroots leaders do something wrong, stringent measures are taken against them.

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