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Nur to take oath

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Published on : 13 March 2019, 01:32 PM
Nur to take oath

Newly elected DUCSU VP Nurul Haq Nur said he would take the oath. He said that the students have elected him as VP after breaking the stagnancy of 28 long years of DUCSU election. Therefore, he would respect their decision.

He further said that he also has consent to the ongoing demand for re-election. He is with the protest for rescheduling the election. He wants to accelerate this movement by becoming VP.

He said, ‘As I have been elected as the representative, taking the oath will help me to raise my voice more against the alleged irregularities of the election.’

He stressed, ‘If I don’t take the responsibility of the VP, it will mean that I’m not a representative of the students. It would not be logical and there will be less response for the movement.’ 

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