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Published on : 18 February 2019, 03:13 PM
Today in newspapers

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The Daily Star

43 godfathers still at large

All named in home ministry list; yaba shipments from Myanmar keep coming.

Democracy, good governance first

Experts say sustainable dev not possible without ensuring these

Beekeeping thrives near mustard fields

Rajbari`s Goalando upazila draws beekeepers from other areas for the trade

Israel, US seeking war

Claims Iran FM, slams Washington`s `unhealthy` obsession with Tehran


No gas supply, no prior warnings

A display of extreme callousness!

Surrender of yaba dealers

Bouquets for some and bullets for others!


Women`s safety in public transport: A case for the would-be city father

In Dhaka, a woman travelling—whether walking on the street or using public transportation—faces a near-constant threat of sexual harassment.

Police must follow the law before enforcing it

The disgraceful spectacle of four law enforcement officials being apprehended for committing crimes like abduction, demanding ransom and rape have shaken public confidence to its core.

Can robots and humans co-exist peacefully?

One of the biggest civilizational questions dangling in the air is when will machine intelligence overtake human intelligence.

How can we tax footloose multinationals?

In the last few years, globalisation has come under renewed attack. Some of the criticisms may be misplaced, but one is spot on: globalisation has enabled large multinationals, like Apple, Google, and Starbucks, to avoid paying tax.

Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka, Chittagong to face gas disruption this week

Dhaka to see 12-hour outage on Tuesday, one-third of Ctg faced gas shortages yesterday.

Hasina appeals to rich to fight climate change

Climate change has become a real threat to human beings with an unabated rise in global temperature, says the prime minister.

Can Bangladesh handle floods better by developing mountains?

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development Director General David Molden reveals how Bangladesh can work with its upstream neighbors to better adapt to climate change.

Dr Zoha’s sacrifice unrecognized for 50 years

Dr Zoha is famously known to have declared: `Before any bullet strikes any student, it will hit me.`


For a healthy population

It is of utmost importance that our public health infrastructure is improved.


Shamima’s remorse hides Britain’s failure

Towheed Feroze

Who was really responsible for the radicalization of the 19-year-old?

No such thing as free sex

Shamsil Kamal

What is the true cost?

Every day is exactly the same

Zubier Abdullah

Will our collective amnesia ever be cured?

A community for business

Syed Rabius Shams

A guide for new entrepreneurs to set-up their business quickly and efficiently

Prothom Alo

Discrimination against women is still a big challenge

Bangladesh has many achievements in women rights, but discrimination in terms of opportunities and rights is also huge. Discrimination is seen in workplace, politics, and family-equality challenge is everywhere.

Partha Shankar Saha


Disaster management

Suhrawardy`s example can be followed everywhere

Electric poles on highways

Remove immediately


Affidavit or meaningless formality?

Badiul Alam Majumdar

Undoubtedly, the provision of publishing information to the voters was a landmark step. But if the candidates hide information or give false information, the voters will get confused, even the purpose of providing information will not be fruitful.

Will the rivers be saved?

Tuhin Wadud

In Rangpur division there is not a single river in a good condition. In some places the rivers are the tools of development, and in some other areas they have been occupied by the ruling party.

Government’s challenge in energy sector

Badrul Imam

To make electricity available to the marginal people, they have to be cost effective. And it is a big challenge for the current government.

Kaler Kantho

Bishbari is the mine of poison

The poisonous fertilizer-pesticide of the fields are entering into the human body.

Hailstorm destroys mango buds in 3 districts   

In Rajshahi, Natore and Habiganj districts, the sudden rain and hailstorm yesterday morning damaged mango buds, paddy, and vegetables, causing huge losses to farmers.


Mosquitoes and Mosquitoes-borne diseases

Take effective initiative

Record of mugging going up

Keep the law and order situation in control


Bangladesh-India-Pakistan relations

Jayanta Ghosal

When India has decided to act against Pakistan, it needs the support of Bangladesh. Bangladesh and India have some inseparable things that keep the two in a good rapport. Teesta and Bangla language are the two of them.

Lighthouse of our spirit

Dr M Abdul Alim

Anisuzzaman, who took part in the Language Movement, participated in Mass Upsurge, and took part in the War of Liberation, became famous for his research works, intellectual thinking and discretion. He is the person who flourished the spirit of the Liberation War in Bangla Literature.    

Bangladesh Pratidin

Life-threatening adulterated and counterfeit drugs

Drug business held hostage by the influential syndicate. No initiative for raising public awareness due to preventing campaign for formulating drug policy.

DU VC’s office to be surrounded by two alliances

Chatra Dal unmoved about its demand to postpone the DUCSU election by three months. Awami League will build a panel of liberation war spirit.


Yaba dealers come to their senses

May this surrender not become a farce.

Mosquitoes are not falling back

Take initiative to clean the sewerage


The two sides of our politics

Major General (Rtd) A.K.Mohammed Ali Sikder

Should you eat eggs or not?

Prof Dr ABM Abdullah

An egg a day will keep a person healthy as it is rich in nutrition.


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