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Published on : 12 February 2019, 07:10 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

Worries over wastewater

Textile dying, washing plants discharge colossal amount of untreated water into rivers, wetland posing environment threat.

Lead, Pesticides in Milk: HC orders ACC to launch probe

Directs govt to identify culprits within three months

An unthinkable murder

Man arrested after 6-year-old daughter`s body found stuffed in cooking pot

Economic development and respect for democracy mutually reinforcing

Says visiting senior official of US Department of State

Academic activities of CU sociology dept at stalemate

Concerned committee didn`t meet in over three months


A public health threat of epic proportions

Even the milk we`re consuming is not safe

Spend on education, health and social welfare

Quality investment needed for inclusive growth


How to make development inclusive

By Syed Mansur Hashim

Planning for education for various subjects needs to be aligned with national plans. There is a need to draw the right people into the teaching profession by making it attractive monetarily—only good teachers can produce good students.

When the network is as slow as the traffic

By Habibullah N Karim

The operators claim its 4G but the network status continuously switches back and forth between E for Edge (2G), 3G and 4G making internet service highly spotty and unreliable on the road.

Dhaka Tribune

Ducsu polls on March 11 after 28 years

Chhatra League elated, all other student bodies dissatisfied

PM to inaugurate Karnaphuli tunnel construction work Feb 24

Communication network will expand, economic activities will boost

Rashid Suhrawardy’s demise: End of an era

Eminent citizens and senior political figures of Bangladesh termed his departure a great loss for the nation

Residents of shelters leading miserable lives in Khulna leading miserable lives

They have been deprived of basic necessities such as lack of electricity, shortage of drinking water and many other facilities


A plan to decentralize

The lack of any regulation in the development of upazilas have contributed to our lack of a decentralized economy


The everyman’s game

By AHM Mustafizur Rahman

T20 cricket -and indeed newer formats such as 10-over and even six over cricket- works perfectly in a world which continues to jump from one event to the other much like we jump from one tab to the other on our browsers.

Why Bangladesh overtook Pakistan

By Pervez Hoodbhoy

The west wing renamed itself Pakistan, many assuming this was temporary. They said Bangladesh could never survive economically and would humbly ask to be taken back.

Science does not discriminate

Raida A K Reza

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, let us celebrate all those who have made the field more women-friendly.

Prothom Alo

Jamaat is no longer with BNP

Jamaat has taken this decision recently, but will not declare it officially. They will be inactive from the alliance activities.

Selim Zahid

85 illegal brick fields spreading pollution

These brick field are located near the schools, college, madrasa and residential area. The surrounding environment is endangered due to the emission of black smoke from those brick field.


Development and human rights

Undermining citizen rights development cannot be expected

Students` drop out in secondary level

Find out the cause and remedy


Vacant post and merit should be base of promotion

Ali Imam Majumder

The police force expected to be sincere to implement the government`s instructions. Their proper demand should also be considered by the government.

Rivers and women are most endangered in country

Syed Abul Maksud

Today, rivers and women are the most endangered things in Bangladesh. Although there is sufficient law to protect them, its application is not enough. We lost our valuable resources in negligence. As a result, we have become poor as a nation.

The wrong politics of Arab world and we

Fazle Hossain Badshah

The Iranian media has claimed that the main goal of Saudi Arabia`s massive funding in the military sector is to interfere in the internal affairs of Middle Eastern countries.

Kaler Kantho

20 die from reaction of medicine

Taufiq Maruf

Announcement of schedule

Election battle to be intensified through alliance

Rafiqul Islam

Bengali in High Court

Three judges are ahead, many are interested

M Badiuzzaman


New employment opportunities

Take action to create skilled labor force

Social security being interrupted

Government has to be firm to protect the commitment


Can democracy run with an inactive part?

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

Winning in New Zealand is not impossible after having a difficult tour


Elimination of corruption should be given the highest priority

AKM Atiqur Rahman

Making zero tolerance policies against corruption is not a difficult task. Reducing a country`s corruption rate to zero is definitely a tough task.


Dream spreads its wings

Chhatra League welcome election schedule whereas Chatra Dal has rejected it. The left-wing students’ organizations have also objected in some extents. Pundits are seeing this as a positive thing.

35 yaba godfathers along with hundreds of dealers surrendered

Home Minister to visit Teknaf on Saturday

Pensioners to be relieved from corruption and harassment

Pension and Fund Management Unit to be made digital

Influential people occupying lands allocated for roads

In city’s Kallyanpur areas, the influential people are grabbing lands of the canal and raising buildings on it. The land is allocated for people to walk. As a result, people have to walk two kilometers of distance which could be only 200 feet distance.


Protection to agriculture land: A stitch in time saves nine

UNO made OSD: Humanity send into exile


Banking Reform Commission vital

By Dr Moynul Islam

Banking Reform Commission is necessary to bring changes in the banking sector of Bangladesh.

Bishwo Shahitto Kendro in opposite direction

By Rajib Sarkar

Path that DUCSU to show

By Mesbahuddin Ahmed