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Published on : 11 February 2019, 03:27 PM
Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

YABA, CHARITY hand in glove?

Bodi spends over Tk 1.5cr a month among the poor in Teknaf to keep his empire `peaceful`

Boys` dropout highest in seven years

Says govt draft report on secondary education, rate rose to 36.1 pc last year from 34.9 pc in 2012

Lead, pesticides in milk

Finds govt survey; 96pc raw milk, 66-80pc packed milk do not fulfill standard safety criteria


Don`t let drive against land grabbing become pointless

Boost resources and manpower of RHD

Was it Vitamin A that made the infants sick?

Results of the probe committee must be made public


Rethinking engineering education in Bangladesh

By MM Shahidul Hassan

Haor development: From trade-offs to eco-friendly solutions

By Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar

Being a Bangladeshi woman in tech

Pride despite the prejudice

By Tanzeem Choudhury

Regulating speech in the new public square

By Madeleine de Cock Buning and Miguel Poiares Maduro

Dhaka Tribune

PM wants master plan for development of upazilas

Unplanned development of the upazilas should be regulated, says Sheikh Hasina

Ekushey Book fair: Deserted shops on Little Mag corner

Editors worry that publishers are losing interest because readers are not buying enough to sustain them


For a robust RMG sector

For Bangladesh to still remain competitive, international buyers need to increase the prices of their apparels


Salvation for the Rohingya?

By Dimple T Shah

Can the Rohingya refugees help the Bangladesh economy grow?

Undercover pusher

By Towheed Feroze

Drug peddlers are coming up with increasingly creative ways to carry out their trade

The curtain falls for Rashid Suhrawardy

By Syed Badrul Ahsan

The son of Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy carried on his father’s legacy until his death

Prothom Alo

Continuous aggravation in environmental pollution

Bangladesh in 179th position among 180 countries to protect the environment and forest

Iftekhar Mahmud

Government will have to be more courageous to protect environment

Ainun Nishat


Kidnappers are police

How can crimes be suppressed by these police?

Misery of primary school

Bamboo stakes are risky


Dissent should be exercised in parliament

Mijanur Rahman Khan

BAKSAL said the term of opposition is useless. BAKSAL could not survive; because many considered it an obstacle of democracy and development.

Are women lagging behind in practicing science?

Catherine Spencer and AKM Tariful Islam Khan

In research, women are able to contribute equally to men. Their progress should not be restricted due to social-family outlook or prejudice. Participation of our women in science is necessary and we have many things to do to ensure this participation.

Taliban`s expectations and needs should be realized

Nadir Naim

For achieving sustainable peace, the Afghan government must accept the needs and expectations of the Taliban, as well as the necessary protection of the parts of the Afghan people who consider the Taliban as a threat should be ensured.

Be careful, fake news!

Hasan Ferdous

Fake news was available in past and still in force. The only difference is due to the availability of facebook, YouTube and Twitter, this type of news spreads quickly.

Kaler Kantho

`24 hours` did not end in 7 years

Sagar-Runi murder

Sought time for 63 rounds in order to find the suspect

SM Azad

Housing for middle-class remains elusive

M SayemTipu


A positive decision

Country`s medicine industry will get benefited

School children`s road crossing

Traffic department has to take coordinated actions


Bangladesh`s foreign minister`s India tour and Rohingya issue

Jayanta Ghosal

FM didn`t condemn the Rohingya issue during his visit in Myanmar. Sheikh Hasina cannot be happy with this incident. A diplomat working in Bangladesh said that Modi was trying to balance the two ruling women Suu Kyi and Hasina.

Return the lost years

Chinmaya Mutsuddi

These two are not the only examples of serving imprisonment for no reason. There are many more Fajlu, Jahalam out there, who were imprisoned without crime, without trial.

People`s welfare was the purpose of his politics

Dr. Anisuzzaman

Sayed Ashraful Islam loved the country. The welfare of the people of the country was the motive of his politics.


PM’s warning not working

Improvement in the health sector has been noticed to some extent in the district level. Still, 50% of doctors continue to be absent from their workplace.

CPD advises govt to give priority to the good governance of education and health sector

PM wants grand planning in the upazilas

To protect the agriculture land, unplanned development must be controlled

Yearly loss Tk thousands of crores in revenue

Big cheating in the cigarette sector with fake tax stamp and band roll


Ruthless robbery

Make Tongi a safe place

Gorai dredging

We don’t want the repetition of the past


Spirit of Ekushey and reality of Bengali language

By Ahmed Rafiq

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