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Published on : 10 February 2019, 03:37 PM
Today in newspapers

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The Daily Star

Eviction drive on, so is grabbing

22,500 illegal structures occupy roadside land under RHD


Grabbers eye the mighty Meghna

Regular drives against encroachers needed

When policemen are the criminals

Giving the entire force a bad rep


Lessons from recent industrial disasters

Preventing industrial accidents and holding the perpetrators accountable

This incident "raises fresh questions over whether the dual role of safety evaluator and consultant presents aconflict of interest that can compromise safety"

A Borrower`s Dilemma

There is a Latin dictum—interest reipublicaeut sit finislitium—meaning, there must be a ceiling on the time frame within which all litigations should end.

An Urbanism for Dhaka

Cities are millions of stories. A city is neither hell nor heaven; we make cities in the shadows of our selves. We are the city.

Welcome to the age of climate change

Runaway greenhouse effect is not a “Chinese hoax.” Several billion years ago, Venus was cooler than what it is now. The current hellish condition on Venus where the surface temperature is a blistering 460 degrees Celsius was caused by runaway greenhouse effect.Thus, without a significant adjustment to how we conduct our lives, the possibility of Venus syndrome is quite high.

Dhaka Tribune

Old, blind, ailing and guilty

Many of those accused in ‘ghost cases’ cannot believe what they have been charged with

Dhaka puts faith in Delhi’s Teesta assurance

Middlemen luring Rohingya; India is not pushing them, says Foreign Minister Momen


Sexual harassment has no place in society

It is the lack of punishment which emboldens repeat offenders


Salvation for the Rohingya?

What Bangladesh can learn from Uganda.

Humanitarian capital should be re-directed towards temporary resettlement in Bangladesh

The laws of the land

Why we need to start teaching our children about the law

Bangladesh has many laws and regulations in place which are necessary to maintain a country properly. But most are unaware of them unless they are convicted or become a victim of some kind of injustice.

More isn’t always better

Are we putting too much pressure on our kids?

Child development not only refers to the changes in a child in terms of physical growth, but also his or her ability to learn emotional, cognitive, and social communication skills.

The China-Japan-India equation

What the three giants need from each other

The evolving scenario has assumed significance as India is quite concerned with the increasing influence of China’s economic expansionism in the region.

Prothom Alo

Will extrajudicial killing be stopped?

The government is giving importance to the establishment of good governance. Alongside, the closure of the events like extrajudicial killing or disappearance should also be preferred.


15 killed in Chittagong University

Remove political barriers to enforce law.

Revenue fraud land

Annual reevaluation phase should be error-free.


Great inheritance should not be forgotten

Many scholars, many artists, and many saints contributed in the process to become a great nation. We should not forget importance of inheritance. Otherwise, the nation will face obstruction in its journey.

Dear rivers, my lovely sister

Rivers and people are like siblings. People will not take possession of the river, instead take care. Both of them are equally valuable to each other. Keeping the river`s water pollution free and transparent for the future generations is our responsibility.

Only election is not enough

We hope that the government will form a committee / commission before the Upazila Parishad elections. Based on the recommendation of that committee/ commission, steps should be taken to reform our local government system and rearrange the whole system.

Kaler Kantho

Initiative to produce infectious diseases vaccine in the country: Realization after wasting a lot of money

In the past 28 years, around Tk 3000 crore worth vaccines were being imported each year.

As easy as winking situation been created with children crossing roads

Police not following PM’s direction

Awami League announces 87 chairman aspirants, 36 new faces

Two aspirants are younger brothers of two cabinet members and 23 are incumbent chairman. However, the posts of vice chairman and women vice chairman remain open to all.


Politics of forcible occupation

Take measures by investigating this matter

Mass killing in Myanmar

Initiative to bring it to justice should be taken forward quickly

How far can Sheikh Hasina go?

Sheikh Hasina must walk a long way as immortality awaits her. However, she must step forward cautiously.


Burden of Rohingya must be carried by the world


Mugged in road

Tongi seems to be the sanctuary of the muggers. The garments workers cannot return home safely with their monthly salary.

Independent authority to investigate the allegations

Unbiased investigation on departmental cases filed against the government employees to be conducted.

‘Ghost’ infiltrated in investigation

Basic Bank scam: No charge sheet submitted of the 56 cases filed in the past three and a half years.

BNP’s grassroots motivated after central leaders paid visit

BNP wants to turn back

Good time in govt shares

Submarine cables, power grid, shipping corporation, Meghna Petroleum and DESCO are on the top of the list.


Women workers in Saudi Arabia: Don’t want ‘children of labor’

Hilsa`s sanctuary

Remove the fear of fishermen too


Revolutionary change possible in jute industry

Baharam Bonhur Hercules

Venezuela`s situation and the level of crisis


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