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Published on : 09 February 2019, 02:26 PM
Today in newspapers

Today in newspapers

The Daily Star

Meghna too not spared

Outrageous grabbing goes on in the river

Soul of resilience

Even with blindness since birth and kidney problems, Marjia refuses to give up

Buddhist Refugees from Myanmar: They`re in need of urgent aid

UNHCR worried over violence in Chin, Rakhine states, urges Bangladesh to allow refugees in

Delhi renews Teesta water pledge

Dhaka seeks Indian push for Rohingya repatriation; two FMs aim to take ties to new high; 4 deals signed

`We have no options left`

Secondary school teachers continue hunger strike


Why is BRTC in such disarray?

Because of poor maintenance and irregularities

Children must be protected from sexual violence

Culture of impunity must end

Compensation is a matter of right, not sympathy

Indian apex court works truce

But it may be the lull before a fresh storm


Ringtones of Misery

Will mega projects provide genuine solutions?

Dhaka Tribune

Rakhine insurgent group bringing refugees into Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s obsession with the Fair and Lovely bride

`The marriage market always demands a fair bride`

Prevention of sexual harassment at universities: UGC finally forms monitoring cell to implement HC guideline


Myanmar must pay the price

Myanmar continues to carry out its operations against a persecuted minority

Skills for the job

Bangladesh really must focus on not only creating more jobs, but also investing in the right skills that are needed in our economy.


The Dhaka of our dreams

Why we are still one of the least livable cities in the world

Let nature shape the coast

It’s time for people to stop pretending that nature can be controlled

A true culture of democracy

What is the role of political parties and civil society in upholding these values?

Prothom Alo

Record amount of drug imported and sold

In the past year alone, Yaba and Heroine worth Tk nine thousand crore were sold in the country. This business has become unrestrainable.

Correction campaign should be launched inside and outside: Believe experts

People of border area in fear of their future

In the past few days, around 200 Buddhists from Myanmarcrossed into Bandarban`s Ruma.


Jobless youth

Incorporate them with the development process

Irrigation with polluted water

Govt. must take strong position


A different kind of ‘domestic politics’

Award for sabotaging different opinions and protests

Immediately form a banking reform commission

Surplus solar energy added to national grid

Kaler Kantho

UN reports rape of Rohingya women: Myanmar denies allegation and claims there has been no causality of Rohingya women.

Real state entrepreneur hopes reduction of registration fee in next budget

A 12-point proposal was accepted in the meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG).

Language policy: Conflict of diversity and unity

Per day income Tk 14 lac at Gabtoli

Two BNP and JP leaders are leading this unfair money extortion.


Strict position for river protection

Let this trend begin across the country

Uncontrollable death on road

Take stringent measures against vehicles lacking fitness


Need separate ministries for basic and higher education

Implementation of law in roads is mandatory

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