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Published on : 08 February 2019, 03:04 PM
Today in newspapers

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The Daily Star

BRTC Buses: Doomed to early demise
Break the link
Strict measures to disconnect cops from narco gangs sought at police officers` meet
One tough year
BNP down with Khaleda in jail
Why are thousands of local govt employees without pay?
The matter must be resolved immediately!
The Rohingya crisis persists
And, Bangladesh faces a difficult challenge
Can citizens` expectations from the police be met?
The mindset, both of the police, and more importantly, their political masters, has to change. Political interference must end. And the police must be given the resources to carry out their mission efficiently.
Papal visit boosts UAE effort to redefine concepts of tolerance
The UAE has bolstered perceptions of its leadership by declaring February, the month of Pope Francis`s visit and the conference, a month of tolerance. 
The Power of Love
Valerie Taylor, whose work on disability issues in Bangladesh has transformed countless lives for the better, turns 75 today
And Then There Were None
As time went, playing full court became playing half court which then became 1-on-1 coaching, which really made no sense.

Dhaka Tribune

‘Powerless’ river commission eying law enforcing authority
Putting an end to default culture
The public should not keep having to pay the price
A place of healing
Can we provide safe spaces for Rohingya children?
Children in disadvantaged circumstances are not unlike the ones who grow up in privilege. Their need for affection and care stands just as true across the world.
Together against climate change
Collaboration is the best solution to disaster management
Regional integration may ensure energy and environmental security through financial, technical, political, social and cultural resources.
Could deepfake destroy trust in society?
Systems need to be re-designed to be more open, more decentralized, more collected
In the press, we could move towards more collaborative and democratized news reporting. Traditional journalists could use the positive aspects of social media to gather information from a more diverse range of sources.

Prothom Alo


Police week
Demand dominates accountability
Wild animals are being killed
Build alternative communication system immediately
One and a half degrees vs two degrees Celsius
Climate change is the most visible, near, and universal cause of the disasters of the world and the humankind.

Kaler Kantho

Strict message from Buriganga
Awami League`s list being finalized today
Former woman MPs going to be excluded
Now Buddhist penetration
Control the border strictly
Obstacle in teacher recruitment
NTRCA has to take responsibility
Decision to join Parliament should be the first vow of BNP`s resurrection
As the power of independence, BNP will now have to return to mainstream politics. The party has already paid a lot because of Jamaat...
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