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Published on : 07 February 2019, 02:59 PM
Today in newspapers

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The Daily Star

Work but no pay

Some 35,000 employees of 260 municipalities remain unpaid for up to seven years; total due Tk 642cr, but authorities have no fund..

On the road to enlightenment

Prof Abdullah Abu Sayeed, the convener of the 1978 study circle, ultimately founded an organization called Bishwo ShahittoKendro (BSK) -- with the motto “we want enlightened humans” -- that has created generations of Bangladeshi intellectuals.


New river saving project a good idea

But also take lessons from previous errors

People losing lives on the roads

Failed promises to make roads safe


Six macroeconomic challenges

Key issues of priority for our economy

Though the country has been able to maintain a stable fiscal deficit of around 5 percent of GDP over a long time period, in a regime of low tax-GDP ratio of around 10 percent, this has only been possible through keeping the vital social expenditures...

Sexual violence and harassment

The gaps in our laws we need to address

Our distinction between a married woman and an unmarried for the charge of rape should be immaterial.

Modi government`s last attempt at wooing voters

The implications of India`s interim budget ahead of the polls

Dhaka Tribune

Mission: Freeing rivers from encroachers

With encroacher feasting on river lands all over the country for many years, the government has embarked on a full throttle drive to free river shores from illegal occupants.

Dhaka won’t welcome fleeing Rakhine people on its soil

Foreign Minister AKA Momen says its time for other countries to step up and open their borders


On the right track

Decentralization is particularly difficult because of the snail’s pace at which traffic in the country moves.


The miscarriage of justice

Citizens without influence regularly get the short and of the stick

The JahaAlam case raises the fearsome question of how many other individuals may have suffered or indeed are yet suffering because of the inadequacies in the performance of the ACC and other organizations.

Why we need tort law

Can victims of negligence be compensated?

Jute mill worker JahaAlam spent three years in Kashimpur Central Jail for no offense or misappropriation….

Neither a borrower nor a lender be

What are China’s intensions in Africa?

What China intends to do with the airport in Zambia or indeed Mombasa Port has never featured in any foreign policy statements by them…..

Prothom Alo

Defaulters get more chances

Because of the new policy of Bangladesh Bank, they got the chance to show low default debt on papers.

Rohingya crisis

Now Buddhist started infiltration

A new dimension to the Rohingya crisis. Buddhist community started entering Bangladesh.


Construction of crop protecting dam

Negligence is not acceptable in protecting Haors

Jahalom came back, can anyone else come back?

According to prison act, there is an opportunity to visit the prison on behalf of the general public.Under the specific conditions, journalists, human rights activists can visit the prison and can submit reports after talking to the prisoners. The Human Rights Commission can do it too. Do they tell us the total number of people like Jahalom serving imprisonment?

Will Priyanka be successful?

Priyanka is glaring as the middle-class icon, compared to the leaders who control the important political posts from underprivileged farmers` Samajwadi Party and Dalits` Bahujan Samaj Party.

Kaler Kantho

Private teachers in trouble for NTRCA

Many obstacles in joining after being recruited


Rohingya condition

Repatriation pressure should be increased

Are police so inhuman!

Take action after investigating complaints

No time to go slow with Rohingya issue

Considering the situation there is no scope for Bangladesh to slow down or be dependent on others. Because the problem started suppressing Bangladesh. Continuous infiltration of Rohingya makes this problem more complicated.

Opposing tree`s main victim would be people

We don`t have knowledge that river, tree, forest constitute the insurmountable life-cycle of each other, and for this reason we need High Court’s instruction to stop arbitrary river encroachment.


Dhaka metro rail a modern and great decision

In the coming days, we have to build some modern cities around the capital.


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