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The other side of the story

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Published on : 23 November 2017, 11:44 AM
The other side of the story
Photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina holding Annisul Huq & Rubana Huq`s grand-son Laith was posted in Rubana Huq`s Facebook profile on Wednesday.

A photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went viral on Facebook. The photo was posted by Rubana Huq, wife of DNCC (Dhaka North City Corporation) Mayor Annisul Huq on Wednesday, 22nd November.

In the photo PM Sheikh Hasina is seen sitting on a sofa with a little child in her lap. The little child is Annisul Huq and Rubana Huq’s grand-son Laith.

“Laith, our grandson, in Apa’s lap. I am generally shy about posting pictures but I have to share this one, while rumors about Annis continue to brew,” Rubana, the managing director of Mohammadi Group, said in the status.

“Not only did she meet with us in London, I personally met her a few days ago when I was in Dhaka. Our family continues to be extremely grateful and indebted to her for the extraordinary support she has offered during our times of distress,” Huq added.

On first glance, one might make the mistake to think that Sheikh Hasina visited Annisul Huq at the hospital in London. But she didn’t. 

PM Sheikh Hasina went to New York on September to attend UNGA session. Later she underwent a gallbladder surgery in Washington. On her way to Dhaka Hasina halted in London for a few days.

Reportedly it was Rubana Huq and her family who paid the visit to Sheikh Hasina in her hotel room. The photo was taken in her private moments and possibilities are the PM did not even know that she was being clicked.

Rubana Huq did not mention when, where and how they met Sheikh Hasina which created a lot of speculations and controversies.

Involving PM Sheikh Hasina in an apparent controversy is, however, not expected from a person of Rubana Huq’s stature. Huq mentioned about ‘fake news’ and rumors of others. But she did not mention about the context of the fake news and rumors. It somehow means that Rubana Huq is trying to get the attraction of a target group by posting the FB post with distorted information.    

Annisul Huq is in a hospital for nearly 4 months and unable to perform his duties as the Mayor of DNCC. He fell sick on 29th of July during his visit to London with family.