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‘BNP needs leadership like Sheikh Hasina’

Published on : 11 January 2019, 11:50 AM
‘BNP needs leadership like Sheikh Hasina’
BNP-backed intellectuals and BNP`s think-tank believe, ``BNP is facing the same situation what Awami League has faced after 1975." They think Awami League faced a worse situation after the 15 August of 1975. But they managed to regain their strength. It is possible for BNP to get their power back. But it needs proper leadership. Jatiya Oikya Front leader and Ganasastho`s trustee Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury thinks, "BNP needs leadership like Sheikh Hasina who will work hard and prepare the party." He thinks, "BNP has public support and huge popularity. But the party is unable to utilize this support." Zafrullah thinks, "BNP will never face the fate of Muslim League because the party has a vote bank."
Former vice-chancellor of the University of Dhaka Dr Emajuddin Ahamed said that it is possible to overcome the current situation of BNP, although he considered the situation as `critical`. Dr Emajuddin feels, `The government is taking a mission to "vanish` BNP. This is the main agenda of the current government. Awami League doesn`t want BNP`s existence in the politics." This political scientist said it is possible to overcome the situation with the right leadership and foundation that will be based on appropriate principles and ideology. BNP will get vanished if they give exemption to the ideals. He said, "BNP leaders will have to practice such politics what Ziaur Rahman used to do. There will be no benefit in discussing in the talk shows. BNP will have to reach to the people of the grassroots. They have to talk to them, give courage and organize them." He added BNP should organize from grassroots.
The prominent economist Dr Mahbub Ullah said, " By their involvement with the people, BNP can improve their situation. The general people are not protesting the injustice because BNP leaders are not going to them. They are getting separated from the mass." Mahbub Ullah thinks, `Now BNP should make a lot of public relations. They should learn the desire of the people." He thinks BNP has support, but there is a shortage of organizing it. This support must be organized. On the condition of anonymity, a pro-BNP intellectual said, "Tarique does not possess the leadership quality of Ziaur Rahman and Begum Zia. Ziaur Rahman and Begum Zia were very popular outside the party. They had an honest impression. But Tarique Zia is popular among the party. He is suffering from image crisis outside the party. He didn`t earn a good image like his parents. Rather, ordinary people outside the party consider him `corrupt`. This intellectual thinks, ``The new leadership must be prepared in order to improve BNP`s situation. A new awakening is not possible with the leadership of Tarique Zia. Again, no leadership outside the Zia family would be acceptable. It will lead BNP to a complete division. It is now a big challenge for BNP to find out a leadership with a clean image within the Zia family.
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