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Battleground: Dhaka-3

Published on : 05 December 2018, 01:02 PM
Battleground: Dhaka-3


One of the constituencies in which the breathtaking fight will be fought in this election is the Dhaka-3 seat. Nasrul Hamid Bipu got Awami League’s nomination from this constituency. He is the current MP of this constituency and the state minister for Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources. On the other hand, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy is BNP’s nominated candidate from this constituency. He is a BNP standing committee member. Both are important candidates in their respective party and have huge popularity in this constituency. As a result, the election of the Dhaka-3 constituency has been termed as Battle of the Titans.

The Dhaka-3 constituency is the 176th seat in the national parliament. The constituency comprises 5 unions of Keraniganj Upazila. There are 3,11,647 voters in this constituency. After independence, Awami League candidate Borhanuddin Gagan won from the Dhaka-3 constituency in 1973 election. Since then, Awami League had been deprived of victory from this constituency for decades. In 1979, BNP candidate Shamsul Haque won this constituency. Then, in 1986 and 1988, Jatiya Party took over the Dhaka-3 constituency in two elections. After the fall of Ershad regime in 1990, BNP leader Amanullah Aman had enjoyed monopolistic dominance in this constituency until 2006. In 1991, 1996 and 2001 elections, he defeated Awami League candidates from this constituency.

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy and Nasrul Hamid are facing each other for the second time. Earlier, in the 2008 election, they faced each other. In that election, Nasrul Hamid defeated Gayeshwar Chandra Roy by a margin, less than 42 thousand votes. At that time, Nasrul Hamid received 1, 12, 623 votes and Gayeshwar got 70 thousand 680 votes. His position is very strong in this election. Although AL is plagued by the internal conflict in a number of constituencies, this constituency is an exception. Other AL leaders pledged allegiance to Nasrul Hamid. In addition, after being elected for the two consecutive terms, Nasrul Hamid has conducted extensive development works in the area. That is why he has enough confidence in taking responsibility again.

On the other hand, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy is also a member of BNP standing committee and former state minister, but he has never been elected as an MP before. Even from 1991 to 2001, he never got party nomination from this seat. He was nominated for the 2008 election but was defeated that time. Later he did not take part in the 2014 election due to party`s decision. That is why this election can be termed as a big challenge for him.

This time the minority voters will play an influential role in election battle in Keraniganj. Gayeshwar Chandra Roy has popularity among the minority voters. But because of being a candidate of BNP-Jamaat alliance, the voters have some dissatisfaction with him. His daughter-in-law, Nipun Chandra Roy, is working as one of his assistance in this year`s election. Nipun herself is a BNP leader. Her father is a powerful BNP leader in Keraniganj. Gayeswar is in a strong position in the Dhaka-3 constituency. On the other hand, Nasrul also belongs to a political family. They are almost equal in all respects. Both have the chance to win. It is a matter to see whether Gayeshwar takes his decade-old revenge or Nasrul retains his kingdom.


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