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Rowshan wants to send abroad, Ershad`s refusal

Published on : 05 December 2018, 12:30 PM
Rowshan wants to send abroad, Ershad`s refusal


Hussain Muhammad Ershad has not yet lost his hope. He is practically in exile from Jatiya Party`s leadership. The party`s authority is no longer in his possession since his wife Rowshan Ershad is now acting as the party chief. Rowshan Ershad and a large part of JP wanted to be with Awami League and be a part of the government. This part of the party wanted Ershad to leave the country before the election.

A large part of JP believes Hussain Muhammad Ershad will create trouble if he stays in the country. Ershad was due to leave for Singapore on yesterday (Tuesday) or today (Wednesday). But he changed his decision not to leave the country at the last moment.

JP`s new secretary-general Mashiur Rahaman Ranga met Ershad yesterday. He said to him that he needed to go abroad as soon as possible. But Ershad strictly said that he would not leave the country.

Ershad`s close friends say that Ershad believes the game is not over yet. He still has the chance to do lots of things. Note that Ershad staged the same drama ahead of the 2014 election. Although Ershad announced to boycott the election at the last moment, JP went to the polls because of Rowshan Ershad`s stern position in favor of election and became the opposition party in the parliament.

It has been reported that Ershad does not want to go abroad before 10th December. Because officially he is still the chairman of the party. And the last day of withdrawal of nomination is 9th December. Now, if Ershad says that JP will contest separately then everything will be different. Apparently, Ershad wants to play this game. That is why he has not yet given up his hope and is not listening to anyone.


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