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Grassroots to resist reformists

Published on : 21 November 2018, 01:40 PM
Grassroots to resist reformists


BNP has not been able to solve the problems and crises emerging ahead of the upcoming parliamentary election. Accumulation of 300 candidates for the election was the biggest challenge for BNP since many BNP activists were disqualified to contest for being punished and remaining fugitive in different cases. In view of this, BNP`s policymakers opened the door for reformists to create a strong position in the election and give better candidates rather than those who were disqualified in the election. However, due to strong objections from the grassroots on the reformists, the crisis has further intensified in BNP.
According to BNP sources, 123 reformists joined BNP in the last three months. Most of the leaders of BNP think that 72 of them will get nominations. But the new crisis has been created in BNP over the inclusion the reformists in the party. BNP`s grassroots leaders and activists have declared the ban on the reformists in their respective areas who submitted nomination papers. Grassroots leaders said that those who have worked against BNP for a long time and those who wanted to minus Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia during the one-eleven, if they try to involve with the party suddenly and take leadership, then they should be resisted. 
It is learned that BNP`s reformist leaders Jahiruddin Swapan of Barisal, Golam Mohammad Siraj of Bogra, Manzur Kader of Pabna, Shahidul Alam Jamal of Bakerganj have already been declared unwanted in their respective election areas.
BNP`s grassroots leaders say they were beside the party during its hardest periods and have suffered a lot for the party. And now if the reformists try to take away the leadership, they will strictly resist it. Wherever the reformists will be nominated, tested and sacrificing leaders of the party will be appointed as an alternative candidate, said BNP`s grassroots activists.
In order to cope with the candidate crisis, BNP`s high command had allowed the reformists to join the party. But BNP policymakers are struggling to deal with the new crisis that has been created due to the presence of the reformists.


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