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Reason behind Ershad’s silence

Published on : 12 October 2018, 03:05 PM
Reason behind Ershad’s silence


Hussain Muhammad Ershad chose to remain silent while there is a lot of polarization in politics. Ershad`s close sources say that he is watching who becomes more powerful over the time. Ershad is famous for taking advantage of the situation. He always chose the alliance that goes to power or has the possibility of going to power. He never wants to take risks.

Ershad met with Dr. Kamal Hossain in Singapore. He also discussed to the current ruling party. He recently expressed his willingness to stay in the election-time cabinet of the government. Because of Ershad`s dual role, there have been many disputes in Jatiya Party.

Most of the Jatiya Party leaders including Rowshan Ershad think that they will go to the polls under any circumstances under this government. They have also started preparations for the elections. But Ershad looking for an appropriate way where he would be personally benefited. That`s why all eyes are now focused on Ershad. But Ershad is waiting to understand the nature of the movement of politics and then he will declare his position. That is why he has been silent for the last few days.