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Tarique`s exclusion new condition of unity

Published on : 12 October 2018, 11:25 AM
Tarique`s exclusion new condition of unity


Yesterday the scheduled meeting of BNP and United Front was not held. This morning new conditions were given by one of the partner parties of United Front, Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh. The condition is that, since Tarique Zia was convicted in the August 21 grenade attack case and got life imprisonment, therefore, a murderer and terrorist recognized by the court cannot be a compeer. For this, Mahi B Chowdhury gave the new condition on behalf of United Front that said if BNP wants to join the unity process they have to exclude Tarique Zia from their leadership.

When contacted, ASM Abdur Rab, one of United Front leaders, said, "Such discussions have not been discussed in United Front. It may be Mahi`s own opinion.” On the other hand, the reaction of BNP on this issue is not known.

It should be noted that earlier the National Unity gave condition to BNP to exclude Jamaat in order to join with unity process. There are many other such conditions being given. Despite the attempts to form the unity for the last three months, the formation of the process of unity has stopped because of several conditions.