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Sharmila in Dhaka with Tarique’s message

Published on : 11 October 2018, 12:38 PM
Sharmila in Dhaka with Tarique’s message


Sharmila Rahman came to Dhaka yesterday (Wednesday) suddenly. Sharmila Rahman, the widow of Begum Khaleda Zia`s younger son Arafat Rahman Koko told the media that she came to look after her ailing mother-in-law. However, BNP`s responsible sources said that Sharmila came to the country not only to look after Begum Zia but also disseminate Tarique Zia`s message to the party leaders.
The verdict of 21 August grenade attack was announced yesterday (Wednesday). Former state minister for Home Affairs Lutfozzaman Babar along with other 18 was given the death sentence. 19 more accused including BNP`s current acting chairman Tarique Zia has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Besides, 11 people have been sentenced to different periods as well. BNP`s fugitive acting chairman Tarique Zia has been living in London for many years. Analysts think Sharmila Rahman`s appearance in such situation carries huge significance. 
Though Sharmila claimed in front of media that she returned back for Begum Zia`s treatment but the reliable sources confirmed that she came mainly to explain the message of Tarique Zia to the senior leaders of BNP. Sharmila will also observe if Tarique Zia`s message is being followed properly. Tarique`s message to Sharmila was to instruct BNP leaders and activists not to express any intense reaction after the verdict. According to the message, BNP refrained from showing any intense reaction yesterday. A number of BNP sources confirmed that several activities will continue for the next few days in accordance with Tarique Zia`s instruction. And details of the message of Tarique Zia will further be reflected with BNP`s activities.