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`How will you sit with killers?`

Published on : 11 October 2018, 11:45 AM
`How will you sit with killers?`


A meeting of BNP, United Front and national unity process will be held at Dr Kamal Hossain`s residence today (Thursday) evening. Dr Kamal Hossain made a telephone call to Prof Badruddoza Chowdhury to invite him to the meeting. During the conversation, B Chowdhury asked Dr Kamal, "Sir how will you sit with these murderers?" Dr Kamal asked, "Who is the murderer?`` In response, former President Professor Chowdhury said, "The court has given the verdict referring BNP`s acting chairman as a murderer. Besides, many of their leaders are also involved with this killing." Kamal said, "But he will not be in the meeting. He is not even in the country." But Professor B. Chowdhury said, "Tarique is the acting chairman of BNP. Will it be okay to sit with them while he is the acting chairman of the party? We are talking about terrorism-free politics. This will give the wrong message to the people." The former BNP leader said,  "BNP can remove Tarique Zia from the leadership for the time being. Then it will be easy for us to create unity." Dr Kamal said, "Tell these words to them in the meeting." B Chowdhury said, "Let’s see." There is again uncertainty about B Chowdhury joining in today`s meeting.