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Iqbal Band Banu suspected first

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Published on : 10 October 2018, 03:39 PM
Iqbal Band Banu suspected first


Tarique Zia’s mother-in-law first suspected Tarique’s connection with 21 August grenade attack. She expressed concern to close relatives about Tarique Zia behavior in August 2004.

The in-law’s house of Tarique is in the road no. 5 of Dhanmondi. The house of his late father-in-law Rear Admiral Mahbub Ali Khan’s house is built upon 17,424 sq ft area. Since his death, Tarique’s mother-in-law Iqbal Band Banu has been taking care of the house.

In early August of 2004, Tarique started to visit his in-law’s house frequently. Sudha Sadan, the current prime minister`s personal residence, was very near to that house. Sheikh Hasina had to take road 5 to attend her party programs. In the second week of August, Tarique set up a room at his in-law’s house with a computer and other equipments. His mother-in-law at first took it as a normal incident, but she started to suspect after a few days. She told Tarique to set up CCTV in front of the house. From the CCTV footages, he sorted out the videos of Sheikh Hasina. Iqbal Band Banu suspected this activity of Tarique. She discussed this with her close relatives.

After the incident of August 21, Tarique removed the camp from his in-law’s house. She asked Tarique, ‘Was it you, Tarique?’  

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