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Barapukuria power station resumes production

Published on : 14 September 2018, 11:06 AM
Barapukuria power station resumes production


After 53 days of closure Barapukuria thermal power station has resumed its production. The only coal-based power plant in the country has started production from yesterday (Thursday) midnight after receiving coal from the Barapukuria coal mine.

After the launch, 157 MWs of electricity are being added to the national grid from this unit. The chief engineer of Barapukuria thermal power station Abdul Hakim Sarkar confirmed this information.

The authorities stopped the production of the power plant from July 22 due to lack of coal supply. Meanwhile, a unit was started for 9 days to meet the demand for electricity during the Eid, but it was later closed.

On June 19, 1 lac 44 thousand MT of coal disappeared from the Barapukuria mine. In this case of coal scam, a case was filed against 19 officers and the administrative action was taken against four officers. The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is operating the case now.

Meanwhile, Barapukuria coal mine production resumes on September 8 after remaining closed for 86 days. At present, 2200 to 2500 MT of coal is extracted from the mine. The electricity generated by the Barapukuria thermal power plant production starts 5 days after the start of this coal mine.


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