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Throne chair crisis of Begum Zia

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Published on : 11 November 2017, 09:03 PM
Throne chair crisis of Begum Zia

It was a common phenomenon a decade ago. A large number of activists gather around the field in the BNP rally. The top leaders are sitting on the stage. However, one leader can be isolated from the rest. It is BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia. She sits in a chair that is different and distinctive from other chairs. The chairs of the other leaders are the normal ones. But the chair Begum Khaleda Zia sits on is a throne chair which separates her from all other leaders.

BNP`s historic rally in the capital`s Suhrawardy Udyan tomorrow is going to be the largest in five years. Therefore, it can be termed as a historic rally. All preparatory activities of the rally have already been finalized by BNP except one-the throne chair for the BNP chairperson. BNP`s big gathering means that the party chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia will sit on the throne chair. Therefore,  the organizing committee looked for this chair. Usually the throne chairs are available with the decorator companies. But there lies the hazard. No such chairs have been found available in majority of the decorators of the city.


It is known that the throne chair is not usually rented by any other party except BNP. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always sits on the common chair like other leaders use. Sheikh Hasina has strict directives about not arranging such show-off flashy chairs for her in any of Awami League`s assembly.

So, usually it has been BNP only who rented the throne chair for their chairperson. But it’s been about a decade since BNP has arranged such a big rally in the country. This is why most of the decorators, who used to have throne chairs reserved for political assemblies, have stopped keeping them. The throne chairs are also not available in other decorators as they do not demand in the market.

The organizing committee members of tomorrow’s rally have already informed the senior leaders about the crisis of throne chair. They said, `there is a crisis in finding a chair for Madam. The throne chair is not available anywhere.` When everyone was anxious about finding a throne chair for Madam, suddenly someone came and informed that one old throne chair has been found and can be used after repairing.

The organizers instantly informed the organizing committee. In the meantime, the repair of the throne chair is going on in full swing. It is expected that the chair will reach at the venue before the rally begins tomorrow. However, BNP leaders cannot be assured when exactly the chair will reach the venue tomorrow. The carpenters are being told to work as fast as they can. It can only be seen tomorrow in the assembly if the throne chair crisis of Begum Zia gets really solved or not.