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Councilors are big factors in city elections

Published on : 12 July 2018, 06:28 PM
Councilors are big factors in city elections

In city elections, BNP is using all its strengths in the mayoral candidates. BNP is unaware of its councilor candidates. From each ward of each city, multiple candidates are competing for a single councilor post. The ruling party Awami League is also facing the same problem.

Although the Awami League could give undisputed candidates for the mayoral post, they could not arrange single candidate for councilor post. Although multiple AL candidates are participating for one councilor post, they are running the campaign in their own way, peacefully. On the other hand, the BNP councilor candidates are not getting any direction from the center, therefore, they are reaching to a compromise with the Awami League Mayor Candidates for survival and vote. BNP councilor candidates are having agreements with the Awami League mayor candidates. They said, "We will support you as a mayor and you will support us in the council post, or cooperate us without creating any obstruction in our voting."

Yesterday, the Awami League mayor candidate in Barisal Sadiq Abdullah and BNP`s 16 rebel councilor candidates held a meeting. They all gave their support to Sadiq Abdullah in the meeting. Almost the same incident happened in Rajshahi City. In Rajshahi, not only BNP but other councilor candidates supported by other political parties supported AL mayor candidate Khairuzzaman Liton.

Awami League`s strategy of previous two city elections showed that Al and BNP councilor candidates jointly conducted an election campaign for Al mayor candidate. As a result, those wards are practically being blocked for the BNP. There is no campaign of BNP in the respective ward.

In the case of city elections, it is seen that it is not possible for a mayor to reach everyone in a ward within a short time. Councilor candidates carry out the campaign and visit door to door. Because the councilor candidates are personally familiar with people in their respective ward, their campaign has a great influence on the election. In Gazipur City, 37 candidates of Awami League, 12 of BNP, 2 of Jatiya Party and one independent candidate won the councilor election. Again in Khulna City Corporation AL candidates won 13, BNP 8 and individuals won 9 councilor post. Most of the victorious councilors of Khulna and Gazipur are the rebel candidates.

Councilor candidates make significant contributions to the mayoral vote in the city elections. So, it seems that the BNP is lagging behind in campaigning for councilor candidates.

The AL strategy of conducting a campaign by uniting ward councilors has succeeded a lot. Awami League has been ahead in the upcoming three cities for this reason.