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Tarique busy with gambling

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Published on : 22 June 2018, 08:09 PM
Tarique busy with gambling

His mother is in jail and not in a good health. His party is in a delicate condition. The party leaders and workers are clueless and frustrated. But no adversities of his party or life have kept BNP acting chief Tarique Rahman apart from gambling.

The immense excitement of FIFA World Cup betting has brightened up his life. Not just in online ‘bet hub’, the absconding leader of BNP is participating in betting clubs as well. Witnesses said Tarique watched the Argentina-Croatia match sitting in a betting pub. He bet in favor of Croatia and won 2000 British pounds. It is to be noted that betting is legally allowed in the United Kingdom. More or less, there are around 100 betting sites. The convict of 17 years is regular in all those betting sites.

Apart from online betting, on the occasion of World Cup, the elite pubs (place for drinking) and clubs arrange instant gambling. One has to spend at least 100 pounds before to get the entry. Moreover, one has to purchase betting coupon before the match starts. Let’s say, the Argentina-Croatia match was displayed on a large screen in a luxurious hotel`s sports lounge in London beside the arrangement of drinks. If you go to this club, you can participate in betting. For example, you support Argentina and you want to bet on Argentina to win, and so you buy a 100-pound coupon. Last night, the betting rate was 100: 110. That means, if Argentina wins the match, you would get 110 pounds. On the other hand, the rate for Croatia winning the match was 100: 130. The witnesses told that Tarique along with his two friends entered a club named King Cross. After the match was over, he went home with 2000 pounds.

Beside football gambling, Tarique regularly gambles in London. He is a well-known face in Westfield Casino. Just a few days ago, he told the London police that his main income source is gambling.

Recently, Tarique has become the topic of discussion in BNP because of his gambling. His code name is ‘Gambler’ in BNP. A BNP leader said, ‘What is he doing in politics? He’ll soon rise to the top position in the list of gamblers.’ Another BNP leader said, ‘Whose mother is in jail, how can he spend all of his time in gambling?’

Tarique has also reduced his contact with Dhaka. Because Tarique busied himself with football heavily, the central leaders of BNP are unable to communicate with him. Last night, when the standing committee members called Tarique, they found his phone switched off.  

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