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BNP wants to bring `third force` in power?

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Published on : 13 June 2018, 08:00 PM
BNP wants to bring `third force` in power?
The main objective of BNP now is to remove Awami League from power. Even if BNP does not come to power and Awami League can be overthrown from power, then the party will have no sorrows. BNP wants a third force to take responsibility in the interim period. However, BNP does not clearly mention what the `third force` will be like. Recently, such propositions of the BNP leaders have been expressed in the meeting with the Indian policymakers. A responsible source of BNP confirmed this.

According to the sources, although BNP publicly claims that Begum Zia`s release is their main concern, but inwardly BNP sought a different kind of support. BNP wants to defeat the present government `at any cost`. And they know it will not be possible through the movement. Therefore, before the election BNP wants to do something. Intelligence agencies have news that there is a blue print of militancy-activity to destabilize the country by making big-scale sabotage or attacking the state`s important persons. There is no need to be experts to understand that the BNP has the latent support behind such blue print.

Outside this blue print, the party has taken the strategy of creating pressure from abroad to defeat Awami League. A BNP leader, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said, "We want to say that if Awami League comes to power for the third time, they will not care anyone. So now is the right time." Recently, BNP leaders talked about the `third force` in their India tour. BNP said openly to India, "We do not need power. You can bring somebody else." Not only BNP, Professor Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury`s national government theory also indicates the `third force`. Dr. Kamal Hossain also wants a `different` government for a short period of time to create an election environment. He recently said this clearly during his visit in the United States and the United Kingdom. 
The players of the one-eleven have been quite active in the last few months. They are now talking about long-term plans for a `free and fair` election. Political analysts say the silent preparations are going on to bring another one-eleven in the country. But the key factors in bringing the one-eleven are now silent and now far away from politics. That is why civil society has become vocal. Recent anti-narcotics campaign has been turned into a centerpiece of government criticism. It was a part of creating international distrust on the government. But due to the Rohingya issue, the international arena cannot create any pressure on this government. Even India is not getting the alternative to Awami League for various reasons. And the players of one-eleven do not dare to go the same way because of their previous bitter experiences. Will BNP get an alternative route through which it can oust Awami League from power without the election? Though Awami League acknowledged that BNP is the champion in conspiracy, not in movement.

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