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‘Shut up, how dare you teach me rules?’

Published on : 13 June 2018, 10:12 AM
‘Shut up, how dare you teach me rules?’


After being excited in the prison, she shouted at the prison officer, `Shut up, you bearish`. She also scolded them with fierce anger. She also threatened them. The prison authorities say that the activities of Begum Zia are contrary to the prison order. That`s why she can get punishment according to the prison rules. 

The incident started yesterday afternoon. A senior officer of the prison went to meet Begum Zia at the Nazim Uddin Road prison. In the meeting, he said, "We cannot take you to United Hospital in accordance with the government`s order. If you do not want to go to Bangabandhu Medical University, the government wants to take you to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH)." At this stage Begum Zia got angry and said, "Shut up, how dare you teach me rules? I will not go anywhere except United." Then an agitated Begum Zia scolded the prison officer.
According to the prison sources, Begum Zia`s behavior is contrary to the prison disciplines. According to the jail code, a prisoner cannot behave indecently with anyone in prison. For such crimes, there are punishments inside the prison. Asked about the type of punishment, the prison authorities said, “Her meeting could be stopped and she could lose the bar waiver benefit for indecent behavior.”
According to the prison source, yesterday Begum Zia was angry all day long.


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