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Fakhrul’s minus-two formula in London

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Published on : 11 June 2018, 08:01 PM
Fakhrul’s minus-two formula in London

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir met acting chief Tarique Rahman at 10 am (local time) in London. The meeting took place at Tarique’s residence in London. Fakhrul stayed there for around two hours. He is expected to visit Tarique again this evening to join the Iftar and carry out further discussion, confirmed reliable sources in BNP.

Other sources in BNP said Fakhrul went to London with a specific proposal. The proposal included the outline of the upcoming election. But the most significant aspect of the proposal is, Tarique will stay away from any party activities until the election. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether Tarique expressed his consent with the proposal.

Sources said, at 10 am (local time) Fakhrul reached Tarique’s residence along with Abdul Malek, President of the party`s UK unit, and two other local BNP leaders. BMP secretary general exchanged greetings with the Zia family for around 15 minutes. He informed Tarique Rahman, Zubaida Rahman and Naima Rahman about the physical condition of Khaleda. Then Tarique alone held private talks with Fakhrul. Sources said, Fakhrul presented a written proposal which stated what the party should do. The proposal was quite long in size. The proposal comprised 7 points. Those are:

1. Under any circumstances, BNP will participate in the next election.

2. Outside the 20-party alliance, an all-party opposition of Awami League will be formed.

3. BNP will reach an agreement on the election.

4. The pro-BNP government officials and law enforcement personnel will have to be united.

5. Corruption and terrorism will be raised as the main issue in the election. The party must boycott politics of vengeance.

6. For international acceptance, BNP must expel Jamaat from the alliance. There must be a clear assurance about the minorities.

7. Khaleda and Tarique will not hold a position or be in any leading role till the election. But after the election, they will return to the leadership.

A source said Tarique had not yet responded to this proposal. Several BNP leaders said that many things depend on the following meetings that would take place in the next two days.

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