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Earth shaking 10 lies of BNP

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Published on : 05 June 2018, 10:22 PM
Earth shaking 10 lies of BNP Photo : Earth shaking 10 lies of BNP

Telling lies is now-a-days somewhat permissible in politics. General people assume that politicians usually tell the lies. That is why the confidence of the people on the politicians is gradually declining. False promise, false allegations against the opponents—these have become a normal case in politics. BNP stands at the top when the politics of lies comes into the picture.

This report is about the 10 best falsehoods selected From the false statements made by imprisoned BNP chairperson and her associates at different times. The investigation of Bangla Insider has explained those statements and their reality.

Lie no. 1: If Awami League comes to power, all mosques of the country will be destroyed. People will start performing uluddhoni (a Hindu Ritual of praying) there. Prayers of the Muslims will be prohibited. (Begum Khaleda Zia on January 28, 1991 at Mirsharai, Chittagong)

Reality: Bangladesh Awami League did not destroy any mosque while serving the government for three terms. Rather, it is BNP-Jamaat who destroyed the mosque when they were in power. 67,273 new mosques have been established with the government funding in the last ten years. Last month, the Prime Minister inaugurated the project for constructing modern mosques. All the mosques of the country have received government funding for the benefit of Muslim prayers.

False no. 2: If Awami League comes to power, the land till Feni will be captured by India. You will not be a citizen of Bangladesh; you will get enslaved to India. (Begum Khaleda Zia, Jan 30, 1991 at a public gathering in Feni)

Reality: During the tenure of Awami League government, Feni has not been a part of India. Instead, the statesman Sheikh Hasina has rescued vast land within India through resolving the boundary problems amicably.

Lie no. 3: There will be famine again in the country if Awami League comes to power. Millions of people will die without eating. People will fight for food. (Begum Khaleda Zia at a public meeting in Dhaka on February 23, 1991)

Reality: Today, Bangladesh, under the leadership of the statesman Sheikh Hasina, is self-sufficient in food. Hunger, famine and monga (severe food crisis) have disappeared during the Awami League regime. However, there was food shortage during BNP`s regime. Even the farmers had to give up life for the fertilizers.

Lie no. 4: Despite the Ganges water treaty, Bangladesh will not get a single drop of water, and in two years time, cars will run on the river Padma. (December 14, 1996, statement of Begum Khaleda Zia after the Ganges water treaty as the opposition leader)

Reality: Padma still flows and has strong current. Bangladesh gets 44 thousand cusecs of water in the dry season. The northern region of the country has been relieved From curse of drought.

False no. 5: The 25-year India-Bangladesh Friendship Agreement with India is actually a contract of slavery. The contract will be abandoned immediately. If this contract is not abandoned, BNP will abandon it after coming to power. (January 28, 2000. Begum Khaleda Zia, Leader of the Opposition in the Winter Session of the Parliament).

Reality: The 25-year India-Bangladesh Friendship Agreement is not a contract of slavery at all. When BNP came to power in 2001, BNP did not abandon the agreement, rather it continued.

Lie no. 6: The August 21 grenade attacks were the result of the internal conflict of Awami League. We have identified the culprit. The main accused named George Mia has been arrested. (11 January 2005, Leader of the Parliament and Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia)

Awami League is involved with the grenade attacks. There is accusation that the leader of the opposition herself came with a grenade in her vanity bag. (January 11, 2005, State Minister for Home Affairs Lutfuzzaman Babar)

Reality: August 21 was carried out as per the directive of Tareque Zia as a part of fulfilling his politics of vengeance. The purpose of the barbaric attacks was to destroy the opponents to the ground. The George Mia is a fake story developed by BNP. The August 21 attacks were the part of Tarique’s militancy activities.

Lie no. 7: We have taken the initiative to bring people From all over the country under the coverage of electricity. 10 thousand of MW electricity will be produced in the country by the year 2006. (31 October 2002. Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia in a speech on the occasion of the first year of the government)

Reality: 4,000 MW of electricity left by the Awami League regime starts to decrease. At the time of exit of BNP-Jamaat From power in 2006, country’s electricity production capacity was only 2,750 MW. Daily 10 to 12 hours of load shedding was a common phenomenon.  The BNP-Jamaat alliance government spent about 80 percent of the whole budget of the power sector for purchasing the pillars. And those pillars were bought From Khamba (pillars) Limited owned by Tarique`s business partner Gias Uddin Al Mamun.

Lie no. 8: `BNP is the pro-Liberation War party and pro-independence party. The founder of BNP proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh.  The spirit of the Liberation War is our main ideology. (March 26, 2002, Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia in a statement given on the occasion of Independence Day.)

Reality: BNP is the main sponsor of anti-liberation activities and war criminals. Ziaur Rahman gave the opportunity to the war criminals to do politics in the country. Ziaur Rahman brought chief war criminal Ghulam Azam back to the country and made war criminal Shah Aziz the prime minister.  And his wife Begum Khaleda Zia gifted ministry to the murderers and two rapist war criminals. Our sacred national flag was decorated in their cars.

Lie no. 9: BNP is an example of honest and corruption-free politics. After coming to power, we will remove corruption permanently. We will form an independent anti-corruption commission. (Begum Khaleda Zia addressed the nation on a TV and radio statement on October 28, 2001)

Reality: BNP came to power and Bangladesh became champion in corruption for three times in a row. Hawa Bhaban under the leadership of Tarique Zia became a symbol of corruption. Commission business was practiced in almost each public procurement and government recruitment. The US intelligence agency FBI has said that Tarique Zia has laundered money worth at least TK 20 thousand crore in 5 years of time. Begum Zia is now in the jail for theft of the orphan’s money. BNP is now drowned in corruption From the feet to the head.

Lie no 10: Padma bridge is a day dream. This bridge will never be built. (Begum Zia`s speech on October 11, 2009, Bogra)

`There are rifts in the structure of the Padma Bridge. Therefore, no span can be installed. Padma Bridge is actually a hoax` (January 29, 2007, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir in a press briefing)

Reality: Padma Bridge is now a reality. Bangladesh is building this bridge with our own money, not with the help of foreign donors. The determination and vision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made Padma Bridge the symbol of our prestige and dignity.