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Dogs Buried Alive: A tale of lost humanity

Mahi Nur
Published on : 29 October 2017, 10:41 AM
Dogs Buried Alive: A tale of lost humanity


Tears rolled down as Dhaka witnessed the horrendous brutality held upon 2 female dogs and 14 puppies who were mindlessly beaten before being buried alive in the capital`s Hatirjheel area.

On Wednesday local security guard Siddique and his followers demonstrated a killing spree on 2 mother dogs and 14 puppies. The female dogs were repeatedly hit with stones in the head and beaten with rods until they lost consciousness. The puppies were stuffed in a sack, and they too were banged violently. The bodies were then buried in the nearby field where a big hole was already dug up to bury them. One by one the female dogs, later the puppies in the sack were buried in the hole while they were still alive and moaning in pain. According to many locals, Siddique was instigated by a local political leader who was not available to comment on the news.

Tipped off anonymously, around 50 animal activists of Dhaka led by Care For Paws and People For Animal Foundation reached the spot on Saturday morning. A leg of a dead dog was still visible from the surface which bears the testimony of this heinous act. Soon enough the activists dug the earth to find the remains of the dogs and the puppies packed in a sack.

The Officer-in-Charge of Rampura police station Proloy Kumar Saha was present on the spot while the remains were dug. Upon asking the locals about the incident, they said one of the dogs bit a child which led to the killing of the dogs. However, the authenticity of the information was not confirmed.

A case was filed against the accused in Rampura police station by animal activists stating Siddique as the prime suspect. According to 1920 Animal Cruelty Act of Bangladesh, it is against the law to kill or abuse any animal without any reason. Furthermore, a High Court rule in 2012 stated dog culling in Dhaka city as illegal and subject to penalty.

Chairman of Care For Paws Sourav Shamim said, "people who can commit such atrocities against poor animals, can harm humans too. Such mindless people should be strictly punished by the law so that no one in future dare to abuse an animal."

The remains of the dogs will be sent to Central Veterinary Hospital on Sunday for an autopsy to determine the cause of the death. This is the first time in Bangladesh that an autopsy will be conducted on dead dogs. A police investigation is on its way to bring justice to the dogs who were so spitefully killed.

Earlier on Friday Rakibul Haque Emil called for the gathering of the activists through a Facebook post. Journalists from print and online media were also present at the spot.


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