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Khalek bought BNP to win

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Published on : 17 May 2018, 06:28 PM
Khalek bought BNP to win


BNP acting chief Tarique Rahman cannot believe that BNP has lost in Khulna in this way. To him, such difference in ballot could not be engineered by any means. Therefore, he believes, Awami League has bought the local BNP leaders to ensure the victory. During a telephone conversation with BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Tarique expressed this. Sources in BNP have confirmed of this telephone conversation.

Tarique, who is living in London as a convicted fugitive, says that it is possible to rig in one, two or ten voting centers, but still, the vote difference should not be such big. Moreover, if the workers had guarded the polling booths, there would have been incidents of clashes once the ruling party workers attempted to rig the election. Tarique questions, were the BNP workers in slumber when the AL workers were casting votes?

Sources in BNP have ensured that BNP secretary general believes, it is not possible to rig this way. As soon as such incidents took place in two or three centers, the BNP workers immediately protested and prevented them. The secretary general of the party also thinks that some BNP agents of several centers were sold to Awami League.

According to Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the whole Khulna City Corporation election is full of mysteries. Without any communication with the BNP agents, this kind of rigging is not possible. He has told to the acting chief of the party that no matter how pro-actively the administration and police support, it is impossible to fill in the ballot boxes in front of the BNP agents.

He also holds the view that the voting has whether been fairly neutral or it has been managed by agents. BNP secretary general has inquired about the election of Khulna after the voting. He came to know that eight to ten centers have received tangible complaints. But nobody is able to do the calculation why such difference happened in other centers.

BNP secretary general told to Tarique Zia that he has collected the voting details of 70 centers where BNP agents were present. And none had any allegation about the polls and BNP has lost in those areas badly. BNP secretary general is having suspicion towards them.

He told the acting chairman of the party that many BNP leaders nominated for the ward commissioners joined hands with Awami League to win the election. Moreover, many rebel candidates have also worked in favor of the mayoral candidate of Awami League. Overall, a large part of BNP worked on behalf of the Awami League candidate. Tarique Rahman asked to provide him with a full report on the Khulna election as soon as possible

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