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Saline formula of AL for victory

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Published on : 16 May 2018, 07:59 PM
Saline formula of AL for victory

Stir a glass of water, a handful of molasses and one pinch of salt for a while and the saline is ready. In the 1980s, this formula of oral saline got huge popularity. It was an unfailing formula to win over epidemic diarrhea.

The ruling party Awami League got a similar formula to win an election through the Khulna City Corporation election. Like the homemade saline, this formula also has three ingredients- development, right candidate, and a party without any internal conflict.

The development work of an area is like a glass of water, an honest and uncontroversial candidate is like one pinch of salt and the party unity is like a handful of molasses. The party President and other senior leaders believe that the combination of these three qualities can ensure victory in the upcoming general election of the country.

In the recent city corporation election, AL won in two cities- Narayanganj and Khulna- by implementing this formula. There used to be frequent incidents of party conflict in these cities. But, when the AL president stepped forward with stern directions to local AL, the internal conflict disappeared from the scene in no time. However, because of the failure of AL to resolve the conflict in Rangpur and Cumilla, the party lost in these two cities.

General Secretary of AL told Bangla Insider, ‘We’ve no reason to lose in the next general election as we’ve done enough development work. If we are not eager to lose, then nobody can defeat us.’

So far AL believed that development activities alone will bring victory for the party. But the election of Rangpur changed the perception. Former mayor of Rangpur Sharfuddin Ahmed Jhantu did a tremendous amount of development in his city, however, he had to face defeat because the formula did not match there.

The AL leader believes, ‘If we want to win the upcoming election, we’ve to be united first. We’ve to free the party from any internal conflict.’ AL believes strongly that the internal conflict is the main problem of the party. However, AL premium member Matia Chowdhury believes, ‘Our president has given strict direction to resolve the conflict. We hope the grassroots leaders have received the message of Sheikh Hasina.’ She is hopeful that the party will have no sort of conflict in the next election.

The third problem of AL is the proper candidate. In a survey conducted by the party, it has been found out that half of the Members of Parliament (MPs) are controversial in their respective areas or have lost their popularity. Several leaders of AL indicated that half of the constituencies would see a change, which had been done by the party president herself. AL is stressing on candidates who have acceptability to people, a clean image, and honesty. A number of surveys have been conducted in the electoral areas under the supervision of the party president.

AL believes that the success of Khulna will not only be reflected in Gazipur but also in the next national election. AL now has the formula to win.

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