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Moni`s support for Khalek

Published on : 17 April 2018, 03:09 PM
Moni`s support for Khalek


In Khulna City Corporation election, the deprived candidate of BNP Muniruzzaman Moni has extended his support to Awami League candidate Talukder Abdul Khalek. According to the close sources of Moni, he is keeping regular contact with the AL mayor candidate Talukdar Khalek. Muniruzzaman Moni got the nomination of the BNP in the 2014 mayoral election. He defeated Awami League candidate and then mayor Talukder Abdul Khalek in that election.

Moniruzzaman Moni wanted the nomination of BNP in the upcoming election. But BNP`s popular leader Nazrul Islam Manju bagged the ticket this time instead of Moni. The current mayor could not accept Manju`s nomination. Moni`s close aides said Moni thinks that his existence will be endangered if Manju wins the mayor election. He will have no position in the party. That`s why he decided to stay beside Talukder Abdul Khalek.

When contacted, the present Mayor Moniruzzaman Moni did not agree to comment on this topic. On the other hand, Talukdar Abdul Khalek acknowledging communication with Moni said, "He is the current mayor. He is like my younger brother. I have always had and still having interaction with him."