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‘BNP is now a beggar’s party’

Published on : 16 April 2018, 12:35 PM
‘BNP is now a beggar’s party’


Some senior officials of US embassy exchanged greetings with Dr. Moyeen Khan on Bengali New Year`s Eve. During the exchange of greetings, an official asked, "What do you want to do?" Dr. Moyeen Khan was in the trait of Baishakh so he did not understand that question at first. Then the official clearly wants to know, what is the future plan of BNP? What does the party want to do? Then there was a clear disappointment in the face of Moyeen Khan. He said, “Frankly speaking I do not know.” The US official asked who has the answer on what BNP will do, what its goal is? This time Moyeen Khan looked at the top, and then pointing at the above, "Probably he knows. Only God can tell."

The US official understood. Not only had the US embassy but also the UK, European Union asked the top level leaders of BNP about BNP`s plan. What will it do? Will BNP go to the poll without the release of Begum Zia? But no BNP leader could answer this. But the standing committee member of BNP Barrister Moudud Ahmed gives interesting information to the British Embassy official. Barrister Moudud said, "BNP has now become a beggar’s party. BNP thinks about today like the beggars. They do not have any scope to think about future. Again, as the beggars are to run on the mercy of others, BNP is also to run in the mercy of the government." The British official was amused by Moudud`s answer. Barrister Moudud`s statement becomes popular in the diplomatic environs.