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What’s in the file?

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Published on : 18 October 2017, 12:44 PM
What’s in the file?

When Begum Khaleda Zia bade farewell to her son Tarique Rahman, she was given a file by Tarique. The file was given in front of local BNP leaders while she was leaving Heathrow for Dhaka after three months. So what was in that file?

BNP leaders in London, who are close to Tarique Rahman, said, ``the file contains BNP`s work structure for the future. It is an achievement of these three months."

According to many sources of BNP, "The file contains the framework of a supporting government, BNP`s Vision 2030, and its political strategies."

BNP Sources in London confirm that after returning to Bangladesh, Begum Zia will at first start working on the cases filed against her. Then she`ll call a meeting of the standing committee and present the framework of the `supporting government`. After discussing it in the political forum of BNP, she will also present the outline in an official press conference.

Tarique Rahman in London has prepared an outline of how the country will run forward if BNP comes to power in the future. Although about a year ago Begum Zia said about the 2030 Vision, the final framework has not yet been announced.

Begum Zia is returning from London with an outline of a political movement. She will also propose for a dialogue regarding the next National Parliament Election.

But ‘what is in the file’ will only be known after her return in Bangladesh.