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A City Without a Father

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Published on : 18 October 2017, 09:31 AM
A City Without a Father

It has been two months already Mayor Anisul Haque is in London undergoing treatments due to concerning health issues. Within days after getting elected as the father of the city, he took upon major projects to make the life of city dwellers less troublesome. He tried to offer a green and healthy Dhaka to the common people who are tired of the disparities and discrepancies for years.

The discipline and regulation that Anisul Haque exercised while he was in Dhaka are deteriorating in his absence. Large projects to beautify Dhaka and reduce traffic congestions in major points of the city are all kept aside and soon to be forgotten. DNCC is running in a way as a kingdom goes without a king.

Even the acting panel mayor Osman Gani and his panel members are discouraging in taking new projects or implementing the old ones. The DNCC officials are passing the time sitting idle.

Waste management officials and employees are seen negligent towards their duties. The streets of the Tejgaon industrial area are filled with garbage dumps on different spots. A resident of the neighborhood of Rampura, Javed Khan, said that the dirty garbage which was supposed to be taken in the morning, are taken in the afternoon as the cleaners and workers work as they wish and throw trash here and there. Not only that, the presence of brokers in front of various government offices including the Satara Vista Land Survey Department has increased.

Recently, traffic congestion in Mogbazar-Banani highway is creating a lot of trouble for common people. These traffic jams are created by long-distance buses in the Mohakhali inter-district bus terminal and surrounding areas. Even a few days ago, the vehicles were able to move freely. It was Anisul Haque`s direction to keep the heavy-duty vehicles keep running to avoid long congestions in the roads. But the lack of surveillance and monitoring made the situation much worse than before.

A likewise picture can be seen in Tejgaon Shatrasta area where truckers took over the streets again which the mayor removed himself after days of verbal battles and discussions with the responsible transport workers. But within few days of the mayor`s illness, rows of trucks are seen parked on the east side of the road. Even the land in front of Surveillance Department is occupied. The local people informed that a particular group is constantly planning to take control of the place.

Immediately after his election, Anisul Haque began to plant thousands of trees to protect the environment in different places including the streets, the footpaths, and the Uttara Model Town, to fill the streets of Dhaka with greeneries which was also declared in his election manifesto. These trees also fell sick, and most of them are dying due to the lack of proper care. Many trees in Gulshan area are already dead.

Asked about the projects of the DNCC in the absence of Anisul Haque, Acting Panel Mayor Osman Gani told Bangla Insider that after the mayor fell ill, no new steps were taken. He added that they are continually trying to getting back to the regular job. Regular meetings are held with councilors, engineers and senior officials. Besides, excessive rain is creating hindrance in various projects including drainage system. But he is hopeful and thinks that quite sooner they will be able to start working with full force and determination.

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