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Who met with Khaleda?  

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Published on : 13 March 2018, 08:00 PM
Who met with Khaleda?   


Rumors and gossips have been circulating all day long about who met with BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in the old Central Jail of Bakshibazar. Jail authority also remains silent on this matter.

On Tuesday, a group of five members met with Khaleda Zia. Focusing on the ongoing burning issue of US Bangla Airline plane crash, this sudden dramatic development in politics has overlaid underneath. And those who met Khaleda were neither the BNP persons nor were Khaleda`s lawyers. But, it has been confirmed that they are very important people. More has been confirmed that the meeting was held to settle down the issues of Khaleda’s release and her trip to abroad. 

A negotiation is underway with the government regarding the release of Khaleda Zia. She has agreed to make a tour to abroad for medical treatment. But, she is unwilling to abstain herself from the election. She wanted to leave the matter in the hands of the court. Source in Zia family confirmed on Tuesday that she has given her consent to go abroad and abstain herself from the general election of the country. On Wednesday, Khaleda’s brother, sister, and sister-in-law will meet with her in the prison cell. The source also confirmed that this family meeting will finalize everything.

Sources reported that on the Tuesday morning meeting, all things on her compromise had been sorted out. Now, on Wednesday, she will discuss it with her family members and decide everything.

Sources also reported that when Khaleda remained arrested in some other case, she received the message that it is not possible for her to get out of the cell without a compromise. Therefore, she did not waste a moment and took initiative for the dialogue.

A source reported that because of Khaleda’s interest, those five people were sent to the jail for the meeting.

It is to be noted that the BNP Chairperson has been in the prison since she was convicted on February 8 in the Zia Orphanage graft case. On 12 March, the High Court (HC) gave her interim bail of four months. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the government filed two separate petitions against the bail. On March 7, eight BNP leaders met with Khaleda and the following day, on March 8, her lawyers met with her. 

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