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Martyr Raju Day today

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Published on : 13 March 2018, 08:13 AM
Martyr Raju Day today

A 16-foot-long, 14-foot-wide, and 10-foot-high sculpture in front of Teacher-Student Centre-TSC of Dhaka University often draws attention to the apathetic travelers. The sculpture of eight youths holding hand and wearing a face it out expression is known as Anti-Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture (Shontrash Birodhi Raju Sharokh Bhaskarjya). The history behind this sculpture is not very old. On March 13, 1992, Dhaka University area was soaked with the blood of 24 years old. The youth was participating in a demonstration that demanded a terrorist-free educational institution. And for this reason, he had to give his life at his own educational institution.

The young man who gave his life is Moin Hossain Raju. Today is his 26th death anniversary. Raju was a student of the Department of Soil Science at Dhaka University. He was an activist of Bangladesh Students Union.

The incident took place on 13th March 1992. On the incident of the smitten of a Shibir activist, the ordinary students were involved in a broil with police. In that chaos, Raju got hit on his elbow. So he went to his room of Shahidullah Hall instead of going to his home. In the afternoon, the firing started between the two groups of students in order to occupy the campus. Well known for protesting against terrorism on the campus, Raju joined the anti-terrorism rally organized under the banner of `Democratic Student Unity`. Suddenly the terrorists fired in the procession. A bullet hit Raju`s head then. He could not make to come back in his home. To save his beloved campus from terrorists, he has to give his own life.
Shaheed Raju`s blood-stained shirt and bag are still preserved in the Dhaka University Central Student`s Union-DUCSU. The bag, which was carried by Raju when the bullet hit him still, contains Raju`s belongings, a notepad in where he wrote some line of Jibonanondo Das poetry, his paintbrush.

Raju Memorial Sculpture still stands with pride and dignity as a witness of the sacrifice of a 24-year-old dreamer. Various progressive organizations, including Bangladesh Student Union, have been observing Raju`s death as `Anti-terrorism Day`. Raju did not want to stop so easily, even he was not supposed to stop so soon. He would say to his mother, "Look, one day you will be familiar with my identity." Raju`s dreams were dazzle like fireflies in his eyes. The dream that inspired Raju, is still dazzling in our consciousness. Poet Shamsur Rahman correctly said,
"As much as they burn you in the fire of jealousy
You will surely come out of the fire, again and again, my mythical bird."