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Will Tarique return home?

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Published on : 10 March 2018, 08:00 PM
Will Tarique return home?

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) set to go on a hardline from their peaceful movement if BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is not released within this week. At one point of the movement, BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman may also return to the country. Responsible sources in BNP have confirmed the news. Many BNP leaders say that BNP wants to take the movement to the final stage Once Tarique returns to the country.

BNP hopes that Khaleda will get bail from the High Court by Sunday or Monday. She has been sentenced to a rigorous five-year in prison for the Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case. Her lawyers have already filed an appeal against the verdict of the case. The High Court (HC) has accepted the appeal for hearing. HC has reserved the order for bail on Sunday. But the source of Attorney General Office has said in a statement that they will come up with some statements with the permission of the court on Sunday. Khaleda`s lawyers say the High Court will give order within today or tomorrow. They think BNP Chairperson`s bail will be granted in this case. BNP`s political strategy very much depends on Khaleda`s release. On condition of anonymity, a senior BNP leader said, "The news of compromise that has been circulating in the air, will be true if we see that the chairperson has been released. But if she remains arrested in another case after getting bail in this case, then there is no possibility of a compromise." The leader said "In that case, we will speed up the movement. Tarique will return to the country at the final stage of the movement.”

In the last two days, Tarique Zia discussed with party lawyers about his case and the sentence. The HC has sentenced him to the money laundering case. So to get bail, in this case, he must surrender first. The case of August 21st grenade attack is also in the final stage.

A BNP leader said Tarique Zia is likely to return to the country at the end of government`s tenure. The leader of the BNP said that if the negotiation with the government is not final, the BNP will speed up the movement after the Ramadan. Even if Begum Zia is free, BNP wants to make big strides in demanding a free and fair election. BNP wants to give a momentum to the movement in September or October. At the end of the period, government control will be loose. Many BNP leaders have confirmed that Tarique Zia has chosen this time to his return to the country. A young leader close to Tarique Zia said, "Be assured that Tarique Zia will return home before the election. And his comeback will be the turning point for elections and politics."

However, many senior leaders in the BNP think it is `Tarique Zia`s political stunt`. According to them, "If he had a desire to return to his country, then he should have returned to his country after his mother was imprisoned." One such leader said "Tarique Zia has no courage to return to the country. I have several conversations with him over the telephone. He has no seriousness in politics."

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