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India trying to push Rohingyas into Bangladesh

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Published on : 15 October 2017, 05:34 PM
India trying to push Rohingyas into Bangladesh Will Rohingya crisis emerge as `security issue` in Bangladesh and India?


When a small country with little resource has extended its helping hands to the fleeing Rohingyas, the neighboring country India has repeatedly attempted to shove its Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh.

On Saturday morning, the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) attempted to deport 50 Rohingya women and children from their country and toss the refugees into Bangladesh through Potuakhali border in Benapole, reports UNB.

However, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) thwarted all the attempts of BSF, said Lt. Col Tariqul Hakim, commander of BGB 21 Battalion in Khulna, adding that the number of BGB jawans have been beefed up in the border area to confront the sinister motive of BSF.

Rohingyas were brought near the Angrail border in India by the BSF to drive them into Bangladesh. BSF forced Rohingyas to stay in the jungles for two days in an inhuman condition.

India’s fear for a few radicalized Rohingyas is admissible as Bangladesh is also concerned. But propelling their terror into Bangladesh and avoiding national security ramifications is not what the latter expects from its friendly neighbor.

There are only 40,000 Rohingyas in India whereas in Bangladesh, the number is growing every day and a recent report by CNN reveals that it has crossed 600,000 (CNN report of October 3, 2017).    

The Government of India even attempted to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court citing Rohingyas are a significant threat to the country’s security and they must be deported. But when such move received heavy criticism from the UN Chief as he termed it lacking ‘basic human compassion,` India backed down.

The proposed affidavit, which was reported in print and electronic media of India, shows that the Modi Government flagged purported affiliations with militant groups of Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

India, to be specific the Modi Government, should learn from the Mother of Humanity Sheikh Hasina who visited Kutupalong Rohingya camp and exhibited her great affection for them when her own state is in a crisis of accommodating those Rohingyas. In her words-

“We want peace, we want good relations with our neighboring countries, but we cannot tolerate and accept any injustice.”

She has not forgotten the history of brutal suppression from the Pakistani army in 1971 when an estimated 10 million Bangladeshis took refuge in India. Yes, it was India which sheltered a massive number of refugees.  

So, what has changed in India since 1971?

Maybe it is a different India with a new generation and policy. But considering humanitarian grounds, India should be more compassionate to the severely persecuted minority and come up with a solution to this crisis as India has the potential in exerting greater influence in the South Asia. 

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