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391 officers promoted to deputy secretary

Published on : 21 February 2018, 12:53 PM
391 officers promoted to deputy secretary


A total of 391 officers of different cadres were promoted as deputy secretaries of the government. The ministry of public administration issued the notification of the promotion on Tuesday night.

Among the newly promoted officer, the number of officers of the 24th BCS administration cadre is higher. According to the rules, 75 percent of the administration cadre officers were promoted to deputy secretary. 25 percent of other cadre officers were promoted to this position.

Prior to this, in December last year promotion was given to joint secretaries and additional secretaries. At that time the issue of promotion in the post of Deputy Secretary came into the discussion. However, it was delayed to promote this post for various reasons.

According to the rules, the officers who are promoted to the post of deputy secretary have been primarily made officer on the special officer (OSD) in the public administration ministry. Then they will be posted in different places later on.

A source in the Ministry of Public Administration said that most of the new deputy secretaries will retain their current organizations.


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