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AL wants free and fair election: Sheikh Hasina

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Published on : 15 October 2017, 09:54 AM
AL wants free and fair election: Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina


The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 14 October (Saturday) said that Awami League wants to free and fair parliamentary election to give democracy an institutional contour. 

“We want to see the succeeding election to be held freely and impartially,” she said this in her introductory speech during a joint meeting with Awami Central Working Committee (ALCWC) and Advisory Council at Ganobhaban. 

The meeting was arranged to finalize the proposals of Awami League which will be submitted to the Election Commission.  

Sheikh Hasina said that her party is the one who fought for voting rights of people against all sorts of oppression. 

“We’re in support of securing people’s voting rights as the constitutional and basic rights. We aspire to assure that people will exercise these rights freely, equally and without any concern,” she said.

When there are equality and freedom in every stage of life, the country will be able to ensure transparency and accountability for all. 

"And we firmly want that,” she added. 

The Prime Minister also said electronic voting machines are being used in many countries of the world. In Bangladesh, she said, those were used on an experimental basis.

“If this system comes, we want it as well.”

About the present government’s intention to ensure credible elections, Hasina said that it has been proved in various by-elections and local government elections as people were able to franchise their rights properly and the government did not interfere in that.

She said BNP candidates have won many local government elections.

“In four city corporation elections, for example, all the BNP candidates came out successful. We didn’t restrict the voters, we didn’t change the results, and we didn’t oppress people.”

The Prime Minister further said people would choose their candidates freely. “We want to ensure this for strengthening the country’s democratic system.”

The Awami League chief reiterates her party wants to make sure that no one can snatch the fundamental rights of people in the future as happened after the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 

“We want to give democracy an institutional shape…this is our aim. To materialize this, Awami League will do whatever is needed.”


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