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Feb 15 election: A black chapter in country`s history

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Published on : 15 February 2018, 08:04 AM
Feb 15 election: A black chapter in country`s history

The sixth parliamentary election was held on this day in 1996. Most of the opposition political parties, including Awami League, boycotted the election. As a result, the election saw voter turnout drop to 21 percent. Among the 300 seats, BNP won in 278. However, just after four working days, Parliament was dissolved. Most notably, the Caretaker Government Bill was passed in the Parliament.

Many call the sixth general election of the country as a black chapter in the history of politics of Bangladesh. BNP taught the nation about the nature of a one-sided election. Despite the boycott of other major parties including Awami League (AL), Khaleda remained unbent and held the most controversial election in the history of Bangladesh.

To mediate the dispute, the Commonwealth representative visited Bangladesh. But the attempt of settlement failed. AL President Sheikh Hasina gave an outline for a caretaker government but her counterpart leader rejected the outline by calling it unconstitutional. At this point, Sheikh Hasina declared to boycott the February 15 election in 1996 election.

Under heavy protest from the opposition, BNP had to step down from power and enacted the thirteenth constitutional amendment to allow a neutral caretaker government to hold the general election. The former chief justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman was named Chief Advisor of the caretaker government who held the election in June 1996.

People of the country rejected the leadership of Khaleda and chose Sheikh Hasina as the Prime Minister of the country in that election.