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BNP happy over Khaleda`s detention

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Published on : 14 February 2018, 08:00 PM
BNP happy over Khaleda`s detention

The imprisonment of Begum Zia has completed one week. The BNP leaders are skeptical about whether Begum Zia will be released from prison soon. But still, the party leaders think that even if it takes time, Begum Zia will be released through the legal means and her release will be the turning point. Though the leaders of the BNP are conducting a few small programs, they are reluctant to start off the final movement at this stage.

After talking with many BNP leaders, it seems like they are kind of happy over Begum Zia`s imprisonment. BNP has a number of specific reasons to be happy about. An influential member of the Standing Committee of the BNP thinks, "Begum Zia`s popularity has increased since she has been arrested. The sympathy of the people has also increased towards her after her detention." BNP standing committee member Amir Khasru Mahmud said, "As much as the BNP chairperson is being tortured, more popular she is becoming." BNP thinks this popularity of Begum Zia will be a blessing for BNP in the next election.

The second reason for BNP`s happiness is organizational. From 2014, the activities of BNP remained confined to press clubs and talk shows. And their occasional only outdoor program was mainly limited to visiting Ziaur Rahman`s grave. After Begum Zia`s detention, BNP has been able to hold programs in the streets. BNP leaders think that the leaders and the workers are getting organized as a result. BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan thinks, "Political program is the heart of a political party. A party becomes stronger through the programs only." The leader thinks, "The movement to free Begum Zia is strengthening the BNP organizationally." Many BNP leaders believe that the BNP workers are incited. It will play a positive role in both movement and election.

The third reason for BNP`s happiness is that it has been able to present positively as an organization. Many thought that soon after the arrest of Begum Zia, BNP will involve in conducting atrocities, vandalizing, and burning. People will panic. But in reality, BNP has shown enough restraint. Instead of political violence, the party has chosen the path of peaceful movement. The BNP leaders think that the image of BNP, because of this, has got brighter through this. Especially the allegations of violent politics by BNP in 2014 and 2015, have moved away. A BNP leader said, "We have proved that we do not believe in terrorism and violence."

The fourth reason behind BNP`s happiness is associated with Awami League. The jubilant Awami League after Begum Zia`s verdict becomes weightless. Many Awami League leaders have left the election grounds assuming that another 2014-like election will be held. The factional conflicts are on the rise again. This is why the BNP thinks that the Awami League is losing popularity in the local constituencies. The BNP leaders are in the belief that such indifference of Awami League is positive for BNP.

Though BNP leaders are shouting at the streets for Begum Zia, a jovial feeling is prevailing in the minds of the BNP leaders.

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