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Corruption, terrorism and militancy must face trial: PM

Published on : 14 February 2018, 02:16 PM
Corruption, terrorism and militancy must face trial: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stressed that people who are involved in terrorism, militancy and corruption must be brought to justice, for, her government wants to make the country peaceful. She said, ‘People who are involved in corruption, terrorism and militancy must face trial.’

She said this during the reception accorded to her by Italy unit of Awami League at Parco Dei Principi Grand hotel on Tuesday with its president Haji M Idris Farazi in the chair.

She said that her government wants to develop the country to change the fate of the people.

"This will be possible only when we`ll be able to check and eradicate corruption, militancy and nepotism," the PM said adding that the prime goal of her government is to develop Bangladesh.

Recollecting the era when Ziaur Rahman capture power illegally, she said, ‘I’m the daughter of the Father of the Nation, and pursue only politics for the country and its people. Why should we indulge in corrupt luxury?’

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