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Begum Zia gets infuriated at BNP’s movement

Published on : 14 February 2018, 01:05 PM
Begum Zia gets infuriated at BNP’s movement


Begum Zia becomes agitated at the party leaders. She expressed her disappointment as no movement is taking place for her release. Begum Zia spoke with the jail guards, deputy jailer of the prison and two other officers.

According to the jail sources, in the morning Begum Zia asked the jail guards about the BNP`s movement. That female guard informs her after some quest. Begum Zia also listens to FM radio for the news at 8:45 am. After coming to know about only an hour-long program in front of the National Press Club, she got infuriated.

She told an official present there, `It`s just idiotic. Is this a movement?" The jail official did not answer anymore. At noon Begum Zia heard again about the movement on the private FM radio. After listening to the stay-in-strike, she stopped the radio.

In the afternoon, she asked the Deputy Jailer, if anybody else is arrested from the BNP. When the name of Dudu is mentioned, she only responds to it cranking her eyebrow. While she asked about someone who came to visit the jail, the jail official said the name of Advocate Sanaullah Mia. The jail official also told Begum Zia about Advocate Sanaullah Miah`s statement about her bail.

Begum Zia did not eat food provided by the jail authority on Tuesday. She ate corn flakes in the morning. At noon, she had some fruits only.