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‘Why Tarique?’

Published on : 14 February 2018, 12:05 PM
‘Why Tarique?’


Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP held meeting with foreign diplomats to brief the political situation over Begum Zia`s imprisonment and the overall situation in the country. In response to BNP`s call, officials of different embassies in Dhaka came to the BNP chairperson`s office in Gulshan. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, standing committee member Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Dr Moin Khan and senior leaders of the BNP were present in the meeting. BNP highlighted Begum Zia`s case, her arrest and the current context. Then the diplomats came up with some questions.

The delegation from the American embassy was comprised of three persons. At the end of the briefing of the BNP leaders, one of them asked, `Why Tarique?` At first, BNP leaders could not understand the question. Then the US diplomat elaborately said about the issue. He wanted to know, `After the arrest of Begum Zia, why was Tarique Rahman chosen the acting chairman of BNP?` BNP secretary general said, "After the BNP chairperson, he is the Senior Vice-Chairman. According to the BNP`s constitution, if the chair is not ready to perform the duty, the senior vice-chairman will take the responsibility of the party." Then another US diplomat asked the counter, `But he is also convicted. He is not even in the country." Mirza Fakhrul was a little embarrassed about this question. Then different Tarique-centric questions came to them such as why Tarique is staying in London, why he is not facing the trial etc.

At the end, Indian diplomats questioned, "If the court declares someone corrupt, can he/she be do politics for BNP?” Moin Khan said, `No, it should not be done.` The Indian diplomat asked `Why was the BNP constitution amended then?` None of the BNP leaders presents answered this question.

During the meeting, BNP leaders told the diplomats about their decision that they will not go to the polls without Khaleda Zia.


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